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Magical Love

I dream of you and I, in a far away place.
We are living in a castle, just you and me..
and we are happy as can be.
We cast our witchy spells together, and make a potion
for us to always be together forever.
We dream of a love that will never end.
And we are the best of friends.
We dreams of rainbows on fire,
and we see the blue skies and clouds floating on by.
We see angels with their harps, playing music just for us.
We put our faith and trust in one anothers soul...
and we just some how know, that our magical love will never die.
Together we shall soar to the blue yonder skies, and fall in love each
and every time.
You are my soul mate and I am yours, forever lost in this magical love.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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