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Whenever I See You

Whenever I see you, you bring a smile upon my face.

Love surfaces in my heart and soul.
I lose all control when I'm with you.
You are like a breath of fresh air.
Our love is magickal and beautiful.
You are the rain that gently cascades down my face.

You can not be replaced by any other man, I know.
There is only you that I love and adore and furthermore,

I do not wish to adore another man.
As, you are it for me and always shall be,
my one true love.
I will cherish those photos of you, and keep them locked in my hope chest,

and pray someday that you will ask for my hand in marriage,

and then soon, I will be strolling a carriage, and then holding onto our love child,

and look at him so tender and mild.
For now...I will dream an enchanting dream of you and I my sweet love,

and hope that one day we can be a couple that never leaves each other,

and pray we shall always stay together, for years to come.

the end

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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