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Magical Realm

This magickal realm, I dwell in, is bliss and happiness combined.

I love my fairy friends, as they dance to and fro magickally possessed.

I wear a witch's black gown, and prance and I dance around the coven of witche's.

I long to make new friends from neverland and comprehend why they are magickal.

I wish to dance to a place in another dimension.
You can tell...I really have witchy qualities within my soul.

I am One with the Earth and Her magick controls me now.

I dance like an angel for Her and Her alone...
I toss bones into the made up pentacle of wood and sticks,

and flower petals I picked, I place into the pentacle as well, and also I pour forth the red wine,

as a symbol of my devotion for the Earth and then dance some more, and see the lightening,

and hear the roar of the Thunder God Zues.
I am not a recluse, or anything of this nature.
I am like the Goddess Isis, as we are one in the same.

Her features are of that like mine, and She is 'A Great Goddess' to know.

I learn from Her, and take inner strength and knowlege from the Tree of Life.

I soar into this magick realm by myself, alone..but She, Mother Earth is with me,

and I feel complete and serene, and giddy inside.
I run to the earth for comfort and joy feels my soul, heart and mind.

I understand Her, this Goddess, and the Gods, and want to dance for them all the time,

after I cast my bit of magick and then I feel Free and Alive!

I am glad in my heart, that I accept Mother Earth as a dear friend and companion and in time

I will know what it is like to be that of the earth, when I pass on into another destination, another realm.

For now...I will stay on this earth and just relish in the fact, that Mother Earth is my dearest friend.

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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