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Golden Soul

Your soul is like gold.
You are strong, brave and bold.
You never taunt me or tease me
and you are like a bit of heaven to me.
We are meant for one another.
You make the days and nights perfect, and sweet.
Yes your soul is like gold and your heart is silver.

You make me quiver with one embrace.
You look me in the eyes and touch me tenderly on my face.

Stay with me my golden soul and love me and only me so.

You are magickal and kind and you make me see, things in a better perspective.

I am not ever going to let you go, because I love you so much.

And only you have that gentle touch.
Do love only me my golden soul and together we shall climb those mountains together,

and see our souls in heaven one day.

the end...

by Melanie Miller

 Posted by: Melanie Miller

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