By Mercy Bolus

Greetings from the royal home. Once again we thank all of you for the various roles you played in the celebrations of 28 April, 2012 as mentioned in our first letter. May God bless us all.

As mentioned in the earlier letter we have very serious issues at hand which will affect the destiny of our mother land if left unresolved. Our village has been without DUFIA for 31 years. We appreciate the efforts so far made by sub chiefs, regents, elders, opinion leaders etc to keep the village running. Ayekoo… to you all………… Edo menya wona o.

The absence of Dufia for a long time made us lag behind other towns and villages in development. We have neither cocoa, gold, silver nor diamond in Srogboe but the good Lord gave us sharp brain. It is time for us to use our sharp brains for SROGBOE.

Our educational system has virtually collapsed with less than 10% pass at 2011 Junior High School Certificate (JHSS) level. The JHSS mock exam for 2012 scored 0% pass. Students are irregular in attending school. Studying after school is almost non- existent as some student have to struggle to earn income to look after themselves while others loiter around playing pranks. Teachers are often late for class and sometimes drunk while in class.

There is a lot of indiscipline in the village. Law and order has a lot of room for improvement with most people doing what pleases them without any regard for others. Buildings are constructed in the middle of roads leading to neighbours' houses. Insults and rudeness to adults and colleagues seem to be the order of the day. Parents are failing in their duty of being responsible for their children's upkeep and education. Families and marriages are breaking apart. The future of Srogboe seems very bleak. Poverty tops the issues which require our attention. The issues are numerous and inter- related. Let us all rally round .We, as MAMA and TOGBI are calling on you all to join us resolve them.

The youth are the future of Srogboe. Without them Srogboe will disappear from the map of Ghana and the map of the world. Let us join hands together to train them and give them sound education that will enable them stand tall in the world.

Those of us working in institutions outside Srogboe must strive to assist our youth in terms of jobs. Let us link all qualified hard working youth to avenues of employment. Let us offer them the chance for at least an employment interview. Those of us who have the means must try to contribute towards a scholarship fund to finance the education of the brilliant ones. If you are a parent play your role and train the children God has given you to enable them become descent well educated hard working adults who we can be proud of. If you are a young person aim very high to become a well qualified and effective professional who is capable of excelling when called for an employment interview. If you are an elder, a grandfather or a grandmother tell us the true history of our village, customs and tradition and educate us of the true family lineages to enable our youth feel the sense of belonging. If you are a young boy at school concentrate on your studies and keep a high moral standard. If you are a young girl preserve your virginity, keep high moral, study hard and aim at becoming the best qualified professional. What a man can do academically and professionally a girl can also do the same…..Aim high, the sky is not the limit to your success but the beginning of good things to come and further excellence.

If you are a teacher remember that you benefitted from the hard work of an older teacher and it is your turn to give your best.

If you are a citizen, an in-law, or even a friend of Srogboe living outside Ghana share your experiences with us. Link us with charitable organizations, NGOs benevolent persons etc that you think can help us eradicate poverty in our beloved homeland, Srogboe

Our sub chiefs, regents, elders opinion leaders and friends of Srogboe, we need your support in this fight for development and eradication of poverty.





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