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Graduate unemployment in Ghana is over 40% according to the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and the Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC). The biometric voter registration exercise was therefore welcomed news to the unemployed graduates as they hoped to get some temporary employments.

Unfortunately, the selection process of the registration officials was marred with several irregularities thereby rendering the process dirty as a piggery. This aside, the Commission also managed to cross the bridge of whether to use the Ghana Education Service's human resource or not.

For whatever reason, the registration officials started work without appointment letters or signing any form of agreement with their employer – the Electoral Commission. Then hay broke loose! “We are doing the actual work”. “Why should we be paid GH¢650.00 when the ROSD who does nothing is taking GH¢700.00 plus GH¢400.00 for transportation”. “What is the justification for paying the RO GH¢800.00 and the Assistant RO GH¢700.00 when we (data entry clerks) do more than they do?” “The Electoral Commission must be joking”!

Legitimate concerns by the Data Entry Clerks! Is Dr. Afari Gyan listening to these concerns? What is he doing about them? Will he wait till these aggrieved registration officials lay their tools?

The outcome of the December polls largely depends on this exercise and Ghanaians will not forgive the Commission for any omissions on their part that will jeopardize the relative peace they enjoy today.

What makes Dr. Afari Gyan think that the Government of Ghana and its sponsors are ready to “throw” millions of US Dollars “away” in compiling a new Voter Register had it not been the fact that they saw the need to go biometric? How then do you pay the persons who are doing the biometric aspect of the registration much less as compare to those doing the paper work? It will be in the interest of the Commission - if they want the success of this exercise to do a proper job evaluation and pay each registration official taking into account the relevance of their duties.

For the benefit of my readers, this is the structure of the Electoral Registration Team from the district level. The District Electoral Officer is in-charge of a district. Technicians are in-charge of all technical issues relating to the Biometric Registration Kit in the district. Supervisors – they do supervisory work in a defined geographical area in a district. There is the Registration Officer Special Duties (ROSD) who is the liaison between a Cluster (four polling stations considered as a registration centre) and the District Electoral Office. A registration centre is headed by a Registration Officer (RO) assisted by an Assistant Registration Officer; they are followed by a Data Entry Clerk and an Assistant Data Entry Clerk who perform the biometric aspect of the registration. The last person in the term is the Registration Assistant who is responsible for laminating ID Cards.

Beyond the main allowance, why is the Commission creating troubles for itself? I think it makes sense to assume that other benefits for registration officials are the same across the country. On the contrary, reliable information gathered revealed that registration officials in the Greater Accra Region were paid GH¢150.00 as Movement Allowance while those in the Eastern and Central Regions took GH¢40.00. In the Volta Region, some were paid GH¢28.00 and others GH¢20.00. Why the differences? Are registration officials in the Eastern, Central and Volta Regions not working for the same Commission as those in the Greater Accra Region?

What is this issue about Phone Call Allowance too? Information from some parts of the Volta Region revealed that, some ROs were paid GH¢20.00 as Phone Call Allowance while at other parts of the region, all registration officials were paid GH¢8.00 each as Phone Call Allowance. What is actually happening Dr. Afari Gyan? It is important you take control of affairs before this Biometric Registration exercise ruin your reputation.

How much is actually allocated for fuel for used in the generator accompanying the Biometric Voter Registration Kit? Who is this money supposed to be paid to; the ROSD or the RO? In the Volta Region, some centres were paid GH¢64.00 and others were paid GH¢60.00. Somebody must justify why the difference!

Astonishingly, the money was paid in most cases to the ROs whose job description has nothing to do with how power is generated to keep the Biometric Voter Registration Kit working. What is actually the work of the ROSDs?

It will do the Commission a lot of good if these irregularities are investigated. The Commission must also come clear and justify the differences in the figures or tell Ghanaians who is manipulating the system and on whose instructions. The Registration Officials, especially the Data Entry Clerks can throw this exercise off gear if their concerns are not properly handled.

The second phase is just about ending and Dr. Afari Gyan must act now!

Voluntary National Service Person and a Free Lance Journalist

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james klutse | 4/11/2012 9:47:00 AM
i wnt to inform u on how the data clerks in my area are complaining about the money they are been given by ec. they said they do the actual job while the ROSD is taken more money than them. for this reason registration very slow at my area. pls something must be done fast before they go on strick.
YEBOAH KWABENA | 4/11/2012 11:25:00 PM
Nkwanta North constituency the EC officer has decided to take 10% from the registration officials allowances after the 40 day exercises. all other allowances have remain in the EC officer pocket. pls tell us more about these allowances. By then we are prepared to put our tools down if nothing is done on time. DATA ENTRY CLERKS CONCERN
stephen | 4/12/2012 11:30:00 AM
Am a data entry and what is going is not good we the data entry clerks dont know how much we will be paid the road were paid ghc400.00 whilst we were given only ghc24.00 am even preparing to lay down my tools. Even the roads are not even doing anything sm of them don't know how create centres we all of these.
Omegle | 4/12/2012 11:32:00 PM
i am a data entry clerk at wa west district in the upper west region. it is very bad to notise that we(Data Entry Clerk) does the main work of the day but the allowance given can not wipe away our sweat. Data entry clerks in other regions might be lucky because i was given GH¢ 10 as Movement Allowance. The whole system will be a failure if Data entry Clerks are not well satisfied
Ritchie Sweet | 4/13/2012 12:44:00 PM
in d eastern some of the officials get only ghc 4.00 each for transportation after d first 10days so whats happening to some of us.
data entry clerk | 4/17/2012 3:19:00 PM
the data entry clerks do the actual work of biometric registration. And when one critically looks at the work and allowances allocated, data entry clerks deserve a better treatment
Topaz Jackie | 4/18/2012 2:02:00 PM

I am a concern citizen who wishes to bring some mall practices by some Electoral Officers to the public domain. More often than not we accuse government officials of being the most corrupt but I think civil n public servants are the most corrupt officials.
I want to ask the Electoral Commission whether some of the registration officials they have recruited are more Ghanaians than others. Why is it that all the Registration Officer Special Duties (ROSD) in the Berekum Municipality have received GH?400 Ghana cedis across board as transportation to and from their various centres to the ECs office for the entire exercise and Registration Officers (ROs) have received gh?120.00 as movement fee from one registration centre to the other and GH?20.00 for credit for the entire exercise but for those in other district the case is different.
For instance, in the Asunafo North Municipality there have been variations depending on where you commute ranging from GH?30.00 to GH? 60.00 as transportation for each centre amounting to a total of GH?120.00 - GH?240.00 as transportation for ROSD for the entire. GH?20 have been paid as movement fee and we have received only GH?10 cedis worth of credit. We do not know how much has been allocated for fuel. What is going on in this country and why is the EC quite about it, are they getting cuts as I hear the Brong Ahafo regional office is doing and for that matter all are angry at the officer at Berekum!
MUHAMMED SULLEY | 4/25/2012 2:49:00 PM
the data entry clerks re on strike, but the E.C will not know.they plan to slow down registration till their alowances re increased.not untill that 65% of Ghanaians will find themselves not registred.So i pray the electoral commission shld try and increase the allowances for them so that we will have every body registred.becuase the 2012 election is just at hand.Thank you
Omegle | 4/27/2012 10:02:00 PM
Now the whole registration is coming to an end, and my concern is, How long will it take the E.C to pay us(Data Entry Clerks) our small allowance. They should not let us wait for weeks before they give us our allowance. We need it as soon as the registration period is over!!!!
Mohammed Alhassan | 5/28/2012 11:38:00 PM
For God sake do something about our pay. be cos i am sure you yourself knows how difficult our work is. I believe that all data entry clerks would not agree to play that role again in the mop up. If the rest of the registration officials are even crying for us, what do we then do?
Rose | 8/15/2014 2:14:00 PM
Are u people sure of the figures above? As far as know,at my area, on the appointment letter,RO is taking Ghc250 and the rest are taking Ghc200 whiles the laminator takes Ghc150.
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