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Nandom NDC: Setting The Record Straight

Nandom NDC: Setting The Record Straight
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The attention of the NDC in Nandom constituency was drawn to a rejoinder issued by the Nandom NPP secretary Raymond Nero which instead of addressing the issues raised by a concerned citizen of Nandom, chose to attack the parliamentary candidate of the NDC at no provocation. The write up in which a concern citizen expresses his concerns on the MP's neglect of Nandome in the CSM epidemic, represents the concerns of the writer and not the party he belongs. So Raymond could have responded to it either as a citizen of Nandom or better still, responded to it without attacking the person of Dr Richard Kuuire who the people of Nandom are going to give their mandate to represent them from January 7, 2021. It's therefore our considered view that Raymond either lacked the capacity to respond to the issues or he deliberately chose to attack our parliamentary candidate, Dr Kuuire.

As a social democratic party, we know that all well thinking Nandome share in the concern expressed by that concern citizen. But it is not difficult to understand that Raymond did that to satisfy his political 'demigod' and is not interested in the lives of Nandome that we are loosing daily to the CSM.

Before we proceed, we want to state clearly that our respect and obedience to our Parliamentary candidate has never been questioned. The clarion call on political parties particularly the NPP and NDC in Nandom by our PC, Dr Richard Kuuire, to desist politicking with CONVID-19 and CSM in the Municipality has been much respected and appreciated by the party , the reason why the ndc has called off political activities in the constituency.

Why Dr Kuuire's name was dragged into an expression by a concern citizen of Nandom remains unfathomable. Raymond can not assume he does not know the difference between a publication from a concerned citizen and that from a political party and for that matter the ndc.

It is astonishing that a constituency secretary of Raymond's standing will stoop so low into the gutters with a myopic description of Dr Richard Kuuire. With the 'superior knowledge' and his grassrootness, one would have thought that this basic knowledge of Dr Richard Kuuire as a genuine philanthropist wouldn't have eluded him. Calling Dr Richard Kuuire a 'stingy' person is nothing but an artificially pedestrian politics that can only be carried out by complete uneducated political serial callers.

How can someone who personally drilled 42 boreholes, repaired over 20 boreholes, pay school fees for some Nandome be referred to as a stingy person? Again, Dr Richard Kuuire has wholeheartedly given interventions to the Nandom health and the education directorates when he has not tasted any political power or appointment.

In fact, when Dr Richard Kuuire was making his donations to Nandom health directorate recently, he added an amount of money for the directorate to use it to facilitate their education on both CSM, CONVID-19 and other ailments. Indeed, that was done to compliment the community based hepitatis B screening and vaccination which Nandome are only asked to pay GHS15. 00 only while Dr Kuuire absorbs the rest of the cost of the vaccine for the three times a person is required to complete the vaccine dose. This is being done across the constituency and is only on hold because of the COVID19 pandemic. Could such a person be referred to as a stingy person? We believe strongly that the NPP secretary for the Nandom Constituency is struggling to appreciate the meaning of the word 'stingy' which he wrongly used on a known charitable and genuinely generous man. Dr Richard Kuuire does all these things without waiting to be voted for before doing it. He doesn't also call on Nandome to vote for him before he does some of these things just like the mp will usually do anytime he is contesting elections.

Could it be that the NPP secretary expects to see Dr Richard Kuuire dolling out money to few greedy ones like the mp is alleged by the 2018 Auditor General's report to have given over Ghc 95,000. 00 to his constituency youth organiser for their 'chop chop' of which the secretary is part.

However, Raymond and the npp are advised to note that the incoming MP, Dr Richard Kuuire will not share public funds with impunity as Hon Ambrose is alleged to have done. Dr Kuuire's focus is to channel every little amount into the developmental needs of his constituents and into the stomach of few greedy ones.

Moving forward, the Nandom Constituency Secretary of the ruling NPP, failed to prove wrong a world wide fact that donations made by Hon Ambrose and all NPP MPs and PCs are fully funded from the CONVID-19 fund and the money the president allegedly instructed the MMDCEs to release came from DPAT funds of the assembly.

Again, Raymond assumed the posturing of a naive politician when he indicated without any remorse that all the CSM cases are not from Nandom. Does that suggest why the mp is not interested in it? Again, is the MP not a government official? Is he suppose to pick and choose whom to support in the matter of life and death? But the NDC in nandom is not surprised because DISCRIMINATION against individuals and communities by Hon Ambrose Dery in the constituency has been the very foundation of the NPP government in the Nandom Constituency. The npp Secretary has also failed to understand that once those cases were confirmed and recorded in Nandom, they represent the incidence of CSM in the Municipality, unless he is saying that the foreigners who have been tested and confirmed as COVID-19 positives are not counted among the covid cases we have in Ghana. Mr Secretary, are you suggesting that the health authorities don't know how to report it?

It is also a total falsehood seeking to score unmerited cheap political points when he said that government and WHO have supplied medicines to the region. The municipality through the region have given report that they made a request to the government for the necessary medicine including vaccines for children. In fact, their requests are yet to receive approval.

In addition, there is an incontrovertible fact that the health directorate has written to thank all those who made donations to them for whatever purpose and at least, you have known that Dr Kuuire received his appreciation letter before Hon. Ambrose. This should inform you that Dr Richard Kuuire donated before the MP and one will not be far from right saying that the MP was waiting for his share of the CONVID fund to make the donations.

Furthermore, Raymond's attempts to suggest distinction between boreholes drilled by the assembly and those by the MP fell short to achieve his intention as their own lists being circulated round have different numerical values from what he stated in his seeming response. Fact is the purported assembly list of World Bank sponsored boreholes was just put up in an attempt to respond to the publication by the concerned citizen but it ended up exposing their lies and inconsistencies. The attempted response indicated that the World Bank sunk 51 boreholes but the assembly list captured 45 boreholes while the MP's list captured 53 boreholes. Now, Raymond's response said the MP drilled 55 boreholes and this belies what the MP's personal aide circulated. So a careful look at the two lists being circulated round exposes a desperate attempt to duplicate some communities and try to synchronise some of them to deceive the good people of Nandom.

In conclusion, the NDC in Nandom wants to reiterate the clarion call made the NDC parliamentary candidate, Dr Richard Kuuire, to collectively fight the CSM and the imported CONVID-19. We must not use these diseases for our usual political games. We are in extraordinary times and must observe it as such.

Cornelius Naasoa Wuobar,
Nandom constituency Secretary, NDC

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