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28.11.2019 NDC News

Dr. Richard Kuuire, NDC Parliamentary Candidate For Nandom Constituency, Does It Again

By  Derbie Raphael
Dr. Richard Kuuire, NDC Parliamentary Candidate For Nandom Constituency, Does It Again
NOV 28, 2019 NDC NEWS

It was gratifying to note that the good people of Nandom in the Upper West Region have now placed a major priority on their health status than before. Initially, people generally considered health screening exercise as luxury and so until they are seriously sick and rushed to the hospital. Today the dimension has changed and health screening is no longer a luxury as it was considered but a necessity. Every body is now so much concerned about their present health status, the reason behind the over crowing at the Nandom Parish Hall. This was manifested when I visited a two day health screening and vaccination exercise that took place on the recently celebrated Kakube festival ground on Sunday and Monday.

On 24-25th November, 2019, the active result oriented non-discriminatory NDC parliamentary candidate for Nandom constituency, Dr. Richard Kuuire, organised a two day health screening and vaccination exercise at the Nandom Parish hall for all Nandome. Dr. Richard Kuuire who believes that sound minds live in healthy bodies partnered with Nucas Health Media Organisation to offer a free health screening and a subsidised vaccination exercise for Nandome.

The parish hall was filled to capacity and many more people were still trooping in to have themselves screen and treated. The numbers were overwhelming and gave me hope that indeed the education on health screening is actually going gaining grounds and yielding results. Men and women comprising both old and young were seen comfortably seated and eager to go through the many tests that were being carried out by the health personnel.

The posturing of the health personnel was commendable. They attached high level of professionalism, seriousness and acted with alacrity as they attended to the people. Everybody on the table was busy performing their tasks so that they could attend to more than half the people if not all. Hapititis B, body fat, blood pressure among others were the areas the people were being screened and treated on.

Out of the lots who were willing to be screened, a total of two hundred and sixty four (264) people were screened on hepatitis B, body fat, and blood pressure. Out of the above figure, that was screened on hepatitis B, a total of one hundred and forty six (146) of those who were tested negative have been vaccinated against the hepatitis B virus. This represents 55.3% of the total number who were screened.

It was visibly clear the excitement that characterized the people after they have been screened. This was something most of them could not have afforded on their own because of financial challenges emanating from the excruciating hardship that has engulfed the good people of Nandom and the country at large.

The people were therefore very overwhelmed and could not hide their joy so they profoundly expressed their deepest appreciation to Dr. Richard Kuuire and his partners, Nucas Health Media, for the conscious effort they have put in place to ensure that the people of Nandom live long and remain healthy. They believe that Dr. Richard Kuuire will do greater things when he gets the nod to lead the people of Nandom in the 2020 election as the member of parliament for the constituency.

One of the beneficiaries said, "we are so grateful to God for blessing us with somebody like Dr. Richard Kuuire who wholeheartedly does things to help all Nandome devoid of any discrimination. We believe strongly that Dr Kuuire will do greater things when he wins the 2020 election to become our member of parliament. We have seen all the good works he is doing even though he lost the 2016 parliamentary elections. We are so grateful to you Dr Richard for your support and commitment to the health of the good people of Nandom. It is our prayer and hope that the Almighty God will grant you your heart desire to lead us from 2021".

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