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An Open Letter To Mr. Alex Uger

An Open Letter To Mr. Alex Uger
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Dear Mr. Alex Uger,

Thanks for sharing your opinion about my comments on Greta Thunberg's activism. As regards the particular context we are referencing - the call by Greta Thunberg for immediate action by world leaders to deal with climate change issues - we are actually entering a new era.

Having read the bold writing on the proverbial wall, suddenly, the world's oligarchs and their sundry-fellow-travelers, are gradually realising the game is up. And it is, believe me, Alex.

Did you read the New York Times story reporting that 200 CEOs of the biggest U.S. Corporations were now saying that shareholder value would no longer be the main focus of their businesses? This link leads to it: .

Yes, you are indeed right in implying that representative democracy sucks - but it is also a fact that it is better than all the other systems of government known to humankind. Definitely. In any case, Greta has shown why the voting age in all serious nations, ought to be lowered to 16.

On the cusp of the new era we are entering, one also needs to make the point that never in modern history, has voting to elect the right kind of leaders - the kind that will put the fear of God, so to speak, into those destroying our biosphere - been more important.

Indeed, the very future of the human race depends on it. And, remember, it is us humans, Mr. Uger, not our biosphere, which actually faces extinction: something that escapes many, alas. In a few million years hence, our biosphere would have recovered from our greedy assault on its many bounties and will be thriving again - long after our extinction.

With respect, in light of all the above, even though I am yet to find it to read - and I will eventually - in my humble opinion, you can safely discount the research document, Gilens Report, Princeton University, 2004, which is apparently the source on which you base your arguments. This is September 2019. It has absolutely no relevance today. Not one bit.


Kind regards,


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