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14.05.2019 Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture: Farmers establish Dynamic Agroforestry to curb climate depletion.

By  Abass Iddrisu
Sustainable Agriculture: Farmers establish Dynamic Agroforestry to curb climate depletion.

Over one thousand (1,000) Dynamic Agroforestry farms covering a land area of 2,500 hectares are expected to be established by farmers in the Kwaebibirem Municipality of the Eastern region by 2021. This is an initiative of an Organic and Regenerative Agriculture company in Akyem Asuom, Serendipalm Company Limited with funding from AgDevCo through its Small-holders Development Unit programme in Ghana.

Commencing the first phase of the programme, thirty (30) dynamic agroforestry farms have been established by farmers as measure to curb the depletion of the climate and to create multiple streams of income from their farms. Dynamic agroforestry is an ecologically-friendly farming system or technique of growing different types of crops on the same piece of farm lands with respect to the conservation of the natural biodiversity. The farms were established with different crops with different economic values grown on the same piece of land. Some of the crops established by the farmers were cocoa, oil palm, avocado, plantain, cassava, cocoyam, orange, maize, pigeon peas, cowpea, ginger, tumeric and other vegetables and timber species such as “Emire”, “Ofram”, “Gmelina”, “Acacia” and “Denya” and “Avodale”. The beneficiary were farmers from Akyem Pramkese, Asuom, Bomso, Abaam and Abodom who are working with the Serendipalm Company Limited in its effort to regenerate the depleted ecosystem.

Speaking with the beneficiary farmers at a Workshop and Training session on the installation and management of Dynamic Agroforestry field, the experts and consultants from Eco-Top Bolivia, Mr. Bastian Dreher and Mr. Joachim Milz introduced the farmers to the techniques and practices of the farming system which has been adopted in other parts of the world and making a positive effect to the environment. The farmers were encouraged to practices the farming system to conserve the biodiversity and to ensure sustainable environment and food security.

The Managing Director of Serendipalm Company Limited, Mr. Safianu Moro on his part encouraged the beneficiaries to co-operate in the effort to establish a system that would help conserve the environment for our present and future living. “The Dynamic Agroforestry system of farming is definitely the future and we must all direct our effort to make it a reality” – said Mr. Safianu Moro. He also express an appreciation to the Dr. Bronners the founding sister of the Serendipalm, the workers, farmers and the consultants from Eco-Top for their various role towards sustainable agriculture in the Ghana.

The beneficiary farmers were full of joy and are in the position to commit themselves to the conservation of the environment for the present and the generation unborn through sustainable farming. The farming system would ensure a continuous stream of income for our home management and food security.

“Serendipalm since its inception in the area has made a greater impact in our lives through its sustainable activities and I am of the believe this farming practices introduced to me today is here to add up to the impact we have enjoyed already –said Farmer Aborbi Boateng of Akyem Asuom.

Dynamic Agroforestry system of farming has become necessary as result of the destruction of the natural biodiversity for large scale crop production, mining and other degrading activities on the environment. To ensure sustainable farming system there is the need to practice a dynamic cropping system that supports the ecology.

Reporter: Abass Iddrisu.

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