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22.04.2019 Feature Article

Why Afful-Broni the lying and corrupt priest does NOT want to resign honourably?

Opinion Why Afful-Broni the lying and corrupt priest does NOT want to resign honourably?

As Afful-Broni’s first term as a Pro VC of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW)was coming to an end, he started behaving like “a good boy” towards his boss (Professor Avoke) because the power to nominate candidates for the position of Pro VC was in the bosom of Professor Avoke. Afful-Broni knowing that he lost the VCship to Professor Avoke was afraid Professor Avoke might not nominate him for the Pro VC election so he Afful-Broni sometimes even opened Professor Avoke’s car door for him to get down. When the nomination period approaches, his “good boy” increases and Professor Avoke, a seasoned scholar who holds nothing against a living thought Afful-Broni is a priest so he cannot be cruel to him. This was the conviction with which Proffesor Avoke nominated the priest and eventually, Afful-Broni won narrowly. Little did Prof Mawutor Avoke know that, the devil can also be in a cassock and lead a congregation. When the winneba High Court upheld an injunction application on July 14, 2017, and asked Afful-Broni to act until a new governing council is constituted or the matter in court is determined, a lot of people were shocked about the ruling. Some people went to Afful-Broni after he assumed the position of a caretaker and he swore by heaven and earth that he knew nothing about the case, but today the honourable MP, Alexander Afenyo-Markin has mentioned Afful-Broni as the gang leader of those who plotted evil against Professor Avoke which some can term as “palace coup”. I learned Afful-Broni even swore that the he will give back the appointments by Professor Avoke he revoked. As of now, some stomach senior members, senior staff, and junior staff of UEW think that Afful-Broni did very well by skimming to oust Professor Avoke because the rules are been bent to favour them. It is SAD that 68-year-old retired professors, who can't boast of a single mentee in the system are holding on to positions as Head of Departments and see nothing wrong with the level of vindictiveness in the system. What at all does Afful-Broni want in life? I am sure people will begin to believe the rumour that Afful-Broni has twins in the US. One may be wondering why a priest who decided to taint his white cassock will be at the centre of the controversies at UEW. Claiming to be a man of God, he is even unable to reconcile with people whom he sees as opponents. Let me list some few reasons:

1. Afful-Broni has never been on “sakora” salary (salary without position allowances) when he was employed

2. Afful-Broni came in as the University Chaplain. Chaplain position has an allowance component(s)

3. He moved from chaplaincy to Head of Department (HOD) which also has an allowance component(s)

4. From HODship, he moved to Deanship with allowance component(s). These were the days Asso Prof George Kankam warned other staff to be careful of this priest because he was a potential danger to UEW. Today being a retired prof and given an appointment, he has lost his sense of judgement.

5. From Deanship, he had two terms of Pro VCship with mega allowance component(s)

Now, as Afful-Broni likes money (including church money) and worldly things, he realised that if he leaves the Pro VCship, he would come down as a Professor with “sakora” salary so he has to look for evil ways to move to VCship. Upon disgrace from the honourable MP, the black cassock man, Afful-Broni has no shame. I now believe those who said that when Afful-Broni wants something from you, he would even lie on the floor for you but if he gets hold of what he is looking for, then he will teach you that if you buy Accra Kenkey, you need to get “shito” in addition. I weep for Professor Avoke! Because of the corrupt nature of Afful-Broni, it is alleged that he was able to give the minister of education, Napo a whopping 400,000 cedis which has made Napo to be quiet. I call on Professor Yankah, the minister of Education in charge of tertiary education, to sit up and speak on this issue. He was an advocate of academic freedom, which is today sold out when he is in charge of tertiary education? Prof Yankah, you have made a big name and rose to PRO VC at UG and not any smaller University in Ghana. Let generations unborn remember you for standing for what you once advocated rather than giving it for crucifixion.

Hmmmmm my UEW!!
Hmmmmmm my beloved Ghana!!!
Kwesi Yeboah

Kwesi Yeboah
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