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21.04.2019 Regional News

U/E/R: Youth Hails Buffer Stock CEO For Generosity

...Mr Hanan Abdul Wahab Aludiba, A Worthy Appointment
By Staff Writer
Mr Hanan Abdul Wahab Aludiba Mr Hanan Abdul Wahab Aludiba

We write as citizens and indigenes in particular of the Upper East region of the republic of Ghana to first of all express our sincere gratitude to you and to say congratulations for a worthy and the most effective appointment to have happened to the region in recent times.

Your Excellency, Mr Hanan Abdul Wahab Aludiba since his appointment as the Chief Executive of the Ghana Buffer Stock Company Ltd has shown commitment, passion, selflessness and effectiveness in serving the republic and his people.

Hanan Abdul Wahab Aludiba stands tall in your government and is projecting the government beyond imagination especially in the region. He is using his appointment to touch lives of many individuals and families in his constituency and the region at large. His passion, compassion and humility for service is just simply outstanding.

Your Excellency, the support, love, admiration and praises of this young man transcends partisan politics, ethnic and religion in his home constituency. His strong desire towards changing the lives of the good people of Bawku and upper East in general is winning him love from all walks of life. As a result many in his constituency say, Hanan is a replica of the late Hawa Yakubu of blessed memory.

Mr Hanan, has proven beyond reasonable doubt that his appointment was a blessing to us. He has proven to us that, his appointment is for the general public but not for him and his family only.

He is preaching development through peace especially in Bawku. This is so uncommon in the politics of Bawku. Hanan,s effort towards touching lives and transforming individuals devoid of political affiliation has given the NPP more grounds in areas that NPP posters could hardly be seen in the past. He has given NPP a fresh breath in areas that were predominantly NDC.

We are sincerely grateful for your worthy appointment.

Concern citizens of Bawku
Respectfully Submitted
The President of the Republic of Ghana