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30.03.2019 Opinion

A Government With Misplaced Priorities

By Ebenezer Amoah Affedzie
A Government With Misplaced Priorities

Observing keenly the current happenings in Ghana, one can conclude without fear that the future of this country is as black as black box-no light at the end of the tunnel- and this let my heart bleeds for my dear nation because if we can borrow over $16b for a Kenkey Party then we have no future.

In every civilized society where citizens are concerned about the development of the society, the leader does what is of greater help to his people and generations to come. This is not the case here in Ghana in 2019.

Accidents are claiming precious lives here and there, prices of products are rising at abnormal rate not forgetting the fact that we are in the dispensation of proper dumsor and the government seems unconcerned.

On this note, I would love to join my fellow concerned Ghanaians and ask if the government has misplaced its mandate. Was Ghana beyond Aid a mere talk?

It has been in recent news that the Public Procurement Authority(PPA) has approved a gargantuan sum of GH¢3,993,930.36 for the importation of 26,849,952 pieces of male condoms into the nation from India. Many people including me will ask, what is the use of a condom to a dying soul?

Is the lack of condom a pressing problem to tackle? I would love to remind the president that in 2016 when a scholarship scheme captured sanitary pads for girls, he saw that as demonic. He should, therefore, go back to the same moral fabric he used. If Nana Addo promised God, "one male, 3 condoms" as he claims he promised the cathedral then we beg him this one is out of context.

There are many works to be done to gain votes since that is his aim and therefore importing condoms will not gain votes from anyone patriotic citizen. He should go back to the tons of promises he made in 2016.

The president has betrayed the "Ghana Aid" phrase he coined after borrowing $80b in two years and has nothing to point to.

Kenkey party is another topic for another day.

Let us keep in mind that whatever we do today will be accessed by the next generation. We should, therefore, try our best to leave reasonable legacies for we came to enjoy the legacies of others.

Ebenezer Amoah Affedzie

Citizen and not spectator

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