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18.03.2019 Feature Article

James Kofi Annan Has Not Made Any Comments On UTAG

James Kofi AnnanJames Kofi Annan

My attention has been drawn to a publication on, which has found wide publicity on social media, with the title “James Kofi Annan Thrown Out Of UEW For Being A Hypocrite”.

In the said publication, I am reported to have approached one Dr. Jinapor of UEW, and pledged my support to UTAG in calling for the resignation of the current Vice Chancellor of the University of Education.

I would have ignored the said publication but for the records.

1. I will like to state that the said publication is totally false.

2. For the avoidance of doubt, I have not discussed or mentioned anything concerning UTAG to the said Dr. Jinapor.

3. I will want to believe that Dr. Jinapor is a decent man, and therefore he is not the person who gave out such false information.

4. I still insist on my position in the ongoing impasse, that the factions are themselves capable of navigating through the crisis. Does anyone need me or any other person to seek redress?

5. I see a desperate attempt by someone to force me into a faction in the ongoing crisis, and unfortunately we are all allowing one person to drive the game his own way, by using whichever faction he so chooses, for his personal end; today he is here, and after helping to destroy the persons involved, he turns round to want to play the hero for the same persons he destroyed.

I want to believe that the intellectual community is seeing through this game.

30. After several years of friendship at the table, I believe, respectfully, that I am qualified enough to caution you, to be vigilant in accepting goodwills from the Angel of the day. This Angel of the day is so creative in his manipulations that it is easy to accept him as the only Samaritan.

31. I remain a proud alumnus of the University of Education.

Winneba is king!

James Kofi Annan

James Kofi Annan
James Kofi Annan, © 2019

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