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Nov 18, 2018 | Poem

Darkness At Noon

By Awuah Mainoo Gabriel

I thought mad men were tattered minds,

And from their mouths spat scattered words

Until one noon I got into one with a lamp,

Searching for his buried glory beneath the sun

So at him a stared a countless times.

“Gentleman” I approached

“Silence” said he,

Do I look gentle or you blind
Do spoons look like spades?”

“No” I said.
“Stranger, with love, play the left years in truth”

Said he.
At him I stared a countless times,

Moments passed and some minutes more,

My drunken thought still wobbling,

As if of a blurry poem
He had rant from his wounded wit.

“Mad man” I asked,

Why with lamp at this noon?”

“Stranger” said he,

The tale of Joseph be my paradigm

This world is canopied beneath darkness,

And in the enemy’s heart

Is where true love is concealed.

I’ve learnt to bend as I grow tall

And I’ve learnt to walk when there’s darkness at noon.

Awuah Mainoo Gabriel, hails from Ghana, a tennis professional, poet, lyricist and Playwright.

Currently studying at the university of Cape Coast Whose work, ‘Taunt,’ a tantalizing lampoon received an accolade as the best satire of the year, 2016 on VOAP; Voices of African Poets.

Many of his works sometimes esoteric are well-known for its wonderful lyrical propensity and spontaneity. Critics affirm that his remarkable weave of words marks him as a "lyricist extraordinaire". His works have been published online and appeared in most prestigious literary magazines

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