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20.10.2005 NDC News

Mahama’s NDC comeback dream

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Mahama’s NDC comeback dream
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- We will go to power in 2008 and make good use of it The Honourable Member of Parliament (MP) for Bole Bamboi, John Dramani Mahama, has declared that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will in 2008 get back to power and ensure that the power they attain is well utilized for the betterment of all Ghanaians.

Mahama, who was addressing delegates to the constituency congress held at Bole to elect new executives for the party last Sunday, noted that there were indications that all were ripe for the NDC to come back to power in 2008.

The MP said what was left for the members of the party was to bury their differences and work harder, instead of being complacent over their victory-in-waiting.

According to Mahama, also the Communications Director of the NDC and Ranking Member for Foreign Affairs, since the NPP government took office in 2001,the woes of Ghanaians had worsened, as compared to that of NDC government.

The Bole/Bamboi MP, who is tipped by many Ghanaians and some members of its party to lead the party in the 2008 general elections, said that change in every democratic dispensation is a natural phenomenon and whatever way it comes you must accept it in a good faith, hence the change of government in 2000 general elections.

He tasked Ghanaians to draw a line between the regime of NDC and that of NPP, in order to strike the differences between the two governments.

Mr. Mahama commended the delegates and other NDC sympathizers for standing firm, despite the fact that the party was in opposition, urging them to continue to be loyal to the NDC and should not allow themselves for NPP to use material wealth to lure them into their fold.

He however condemned the attitude of some of their members who could not stand difficulties, but rather go to join the NPP, because of their stomach.

According to him, such members would dearly pay for their conduct, because they would like to come back to enjoy the fruits of NDC in 2008, but it would be too late for them.

Mr. Mahama described the loyal and the committed members as “people of principle” that would be rewarded when they come back to power.

Touching on the congress itself, Mr. Mahama maintained that in an internal party politics, there were two options that a party could adopt and these he mentioned as balloting and consensus building.

He said, “Any of these, if accepted by the party members, then becomes democratically good.”

Mr. Mahama added, “We in the NDC, because we are matured and democrats, we are quickly to resolve our issues, no matter what it is and this has made our congresses that people might think would end up in brawls become a friendly competition.”

Mr. Mahama noted that, because balloting sometime ends in bloodshed they in the NDC believed in consensus, but would only ballot when consensus building becomes tough.

The Bole MP said because the NPP is lack of this consensus-building, most of their congresses, such as Bole /Bamboi constituency of NPP, ended with brawls.

He stressed that comparatively, the NDC was more democratic than NPP, because they in NDC were able to reach consensus.

The MP regretted that the Bole/Bamboi road, which was politicized by the NPP government, had still not been completed since the road was awarded on contract for almost four years now.

The Bole Bamboi road, which is currently in a very deplorable state, is making motorists face a lot of difficulties.

Mr. Mahama also lamented about lack of potable water and electricity to the people of the Bole District.

He said lack of potable water for the people in his constituency and in the country, in general, has led to increase of the guinea worm disease in most parts of the country.

The ranking member for foreign affairs hinted that currently Ghana is second to Sudan in guinea worm infestation in Africa, saying in NDC regime the government was able to reduce the disease to the minimum.

The MP disclosed that since the NDC left office 2000, the NPP government abandoned all electricity projects embarked upon by them.

He stated that the NPP's plea to Ghanaians to increase their tenure of office for them was over because they have failed to utilize it, and therefore there is the need for Ghanaians to boot them out and make way for the new NDC in 2008.

At congress all positions were declared unopposed by the District Electoral Officer of the Bole district, Mr. Ewuntomah Eliasu.

For the first time since 1992, the chairmanship of the Bole/ Bamboi has moved from the northern sector of the constituency to the southern sector.

The congress, which was generally peaceful, endorsed Mr. Alfred Dedovi as the Constituency chairman, with Alhaji Alakobo Abdulai as 1st vice chairman. Mr. George D. Bomikukuu, R.A, Bakari been endorsed as secretary and organizer respectively.

The immediate past chairman, Alhaji Mejida Tiakor, in line with NDC constitution, was made patron and father of the party in the constituency.

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