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01.10.2005 NDC News

NDC Holds Cooperation Talks With the Party of European Socialists (PES)

By National Democratic Congress, Germany
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The NDC on Tuesday held talks with the second major political grouping in the European Parliament, the Party of European Socialists (PES). The PES has amongst its membership major European Political Parties such as the British Labour Party, the German SDP, the Dutch PVDA and the Spanish Socialist Workers Party. Both the NDC and the Party of the European Socialists are members of the alliance of the Socialist International.

The meeting which took place at the offices of the PES in Brussels was held between the Senior Policy Advisor of the PES, Mr. Yonnec Polet and NDC's Chris ADDY-NAYO. The Meeting explored areas of mutual interests and cooperation to support the strengthening of the democratic structures and institutions within both the NDC and the Ghanaian political environment.

Amongst a number of issues discussed was the strengthening and building of networks and cooperation between NDC representatives in the various European countries and the individual country members of the PES. Other future areas of cooperation to be exploited include the coordination of Policy positions at the international level where there is possibility of mutual benefit to both Europe and Ghana.

Other discussions focused on the political situation in the West African region and developments in Ghana. The PES lauded the strengthening democratic structures in Ghana and expressed continuing support to the development of democratic institutions in the country.

The PES has recently being building its alliances with Socialist Groups world-wide starting with the Latin America Region. It also has very good links with the ANC in the Southern Africa region and the NDC is looking to become one of its anchor-allies in West Africa.

With the forthcoming Congress of the NDC and selection of new Executives the NDC hopes to work closely with the PES to develop its competencies, structures and strategies in a new global era and with the support of its global partners to provide good governance to the people of Ghana post the 2008 elections.

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