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08.09.2005 Politics

Major Blow For Addo-Kufuor

National Democrat

The defeat of Mankattah in the just ended by-election in the Odododiodio has sent shock waves through the spine of NPP's President hopeful, Mr. Addo Kufuor. Mr. Addo Kufuor is currently the minister of Defence. He is also brother to President Kufuor.

NPP insiders say Addo Kufuor really has presidential ambitions, ambitions that is supported whole heartedly by his brother John Kufuor.

However the defeat of Mankattah in the Odododiodio elections is said to have sent a clear message to Mr. Kufuor that Ghanaians would not tolerate a dynasty as the Togolese have done.

The NPP chose Lennox Mankattah to contest the seat on its behalf, hoping that he'll garner sympathy votes from his late father's supporters. The late Mankattah, NDC parliamentary candidate for the area's death necessitated the by-election. Unfortunately for the NPP, the dynasty they wanted to establish in the constituency was squashed by voters, a clear sign that they'll not tolerate a dynasty.

"If Mankattah had won, it would have been a good signal for Mr. Addo Kufuor who is hoping to succeed his brother as President of Ghana", an NPP insider told the National Democrat. Mr. Addo Kufuor, bent on ensuring that the dynasty wish of the NPP be established at Odododiodio was at the constituency to campaign for Mankattah. "With Mankattah's defeat, our man either has to give up his presidential ambitions or revise his strategy to win the primaries and the presidential elections itself in 2008', the NPP insider said.