Fri, 20 Apr 2018 Feature Article

The Lies About Dr. Kwame Amoako Tuffuor and the Truth People Must Know

The Lies About Dr. Kwame Amoako Tuffuor and the Truth People Must Know

● I am not a member of the board of Metro Mass Transit (MMT)

● I do not do business with MMT
● I have not done any business with MMT
● The lies about going to China to negotiate for prices of buses and all that are never true. I have never been to China, neither do I know anything about what number of buses MMT was expected to order. It is not part of my interest area and I'm not involved in anything like that.

● I have not promised anybody GH60,000. FOR WHAT???

Yes, this thing about bribery I said for a fact that,it exists in every country. That does not mean I'm interested in bribery or, somebody who engages in bribery and all that should not account for it.

● I did not bribe Lawal or whatever he's called, *NEVER*. I didn't know him, he did not come to tell me he had me on tape so why should I bribe him or even attempt to think about it.

● The two payments of GHS 20,000 per transaction (totaling GHS 40,000) did not come from me. Not even a cent came from me. It came from whoever he was trying to blackmail and he was caught pants down when he was photographed. He admitted he had to be photographed because he thought he could run away with the truth.

● This whole exercise came because, a man who is a friend wanted me to intercede between him as M.D. for MMT and a blackmailer, and to make sure that we can come to a conclusive end, where each party would respect their own terms of discussions and agreement. *THAT WAS ALL*

Wherein lies my involvement?
I believe my name is big enough for anybody to try and eat some as if I'm an elephant. I'm not the elephant. The elephant family is big and we will not allow the perpetrators of such evil to get by with lies and propaganda.

When the propagandists hear my name, they have to attach me with something, and I thank them for trying to attach me with something.

I wish them well. God will deal with them. But me, on this earth and practically, I will deal with them.

Anybody who has accused me wrongly should stand firm.

Dr. Kwame Amoako Tuffuor