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Opinion | Mar 25, 2018

Rev. Father Afful-Broni's protege reveals the State of destruction in UEW

If you are mentored by a dog, you grow to behave like a dog. I weep for Alhassan Salifu Bawah who has become a pencil in the hands of Afful-Broni, and his co-conspirators. Bawah is a lecturer who is not publishing any academic article. He now wrote the most imbecile article in which he advised students to stay away from their lecturers or be sacked from the University? Meanwhile, I searched the internet and those lecturers are some of the few ones promoting the image of UEW, internationallly. I leave the public to judge the mental state of a lecturer who writes that students should stay away from lecturers or be sacked! Who thinks like that? What a disgrace of an academic! What an apology of a lecturer! No wonder! He doesn’t understand a thing about the teaching profession.

Yet I know the disgraceful ‘priest’ Afful-Broni cannot set up one of his usual committees Chaired by the ‘Professor’ Ameyaw of quality assurance, who has become the persecutor general to investigate Alhassan Salifu Bawah for that imbecile post. I bet Afful-Broni cannot because he pays Bawah to write those nonsense, even give him ideas. And this 'priest' is described by the Council Chairman as performing well? When you pay someone to discredit the best Professors and academics in your University? This is what UEW has become?

Bawah may also start asking other lecturers and students to put his name on articles like his paymaster, the disgraceful catholic ‘priest’ in black cassock, Rev. Father Afful-Broni. They are both not academics. Afful-Broni is such a disgrace that as a Priest, he has even rebelled within the Catholic Community by refusing to position the Campus church under the Parish in Winneba. Disrespect and disregard is their hallmark. I blame the Catholic community for not taming Afful-Broni to behave like a Priest. I miss Cardinal Peter Turkson. He would have called this imposter of a Priest to order. Where is the Catholic bishops Conference? Maybe Afful-Broni is deceiving them too? He is disgracing the image of the Holy Sea and the Catholic Church.

I blame the Bureau of National Investigations for not taking on this imbecile and the UEW Council Chairman who lied against them. I blame EOCO for not taking this imbecile and the Council Chairman on when they lied against their institutions. I blame the Minister of Education, especially the Prof. Yankah, who usurped the powers of the President to appoint Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah as Council Chairman. Nana Addo needs to act quickly to save the image of our Party and the Government. They need to call the Council to order. UEW is now a subject of ridicule.

Now let Bawah and Afful-Broni answer the following questions.

  • Why are they no longer accusing Prof. Avoke of awarding contracts for construction of North Campus roads? They got evidence that the road was constructed and commissioned before Prof. Avoke became Vice Chancellor.
  • Why have they called the contractors working on other projects in the University back to site? Yes, there was evidence of no wrong doing. What are the consequences for the University of Education? What is the level of variation the contractors are asking for?
  • Why was there a delay in the payment of February salaries? I believe they should not talk about delays in the payment of government subvention because UEW had enough reserves. What has happened to that money?
  • What is the state of the over GHC150million millions of Ghana Cedis reserves that were built by the FO, the Deputy FO and the Vice Chancellor they accuse claimed were corrupt?
  • How much of the reserves of the University have they depleted since the disgraceful Catholic priest in black cassock took over in his Acting role?
  • What is the State of UEW finances now?
  • Why have they subverted the University Statute to appoint an Acting Vice Chancellor when they claimed they have been trying to protect the Statute?
  • Why have they been trying to influence judges when they knew they have a case?
  • Why is Afful-broni establishing committees chaired by Ameyaw to find facts to sack people but none has been established to investigate Bawah?

Anyway, I hear that some Departments were not paid advance to go on supervision in November. They have also not been paid their internship supervision claims. What is happening? I though Bawah wrote that claims are being paid promptly? Where are the first semester invigilation claims?

Eric Appiah
Son of a poor fisherman observing events in UEW

Eric Appiah
Eric Appiah, © 2018

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