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Opinion | Mar 12, 2018

Difference Between Taliban And ARSA

When mighty Soviet armies occupied Afghanistan, braveheart Afghans were shocked at this unexpected invasion; Although they wanted to liberate their motherland from the clutches of the occupation forces, Afghans did not have the minimum military strength to confront one of the mightiest armies in the world.

Thanks to the cold war era which prompted the United States in extending its fullest support and assistance to the Afghans, wherefrom Talibans and subsequently Al Qaeda emerged. Pakistan had played the keyrole as an American ally in giving training to the Afghan mujahidins while Saudi Arabia did not hesitate in providing hundreds and thousands of dollars. Saudi generousity had helped the Afghan mujahidin in receiving sophisticated weapons and military gear from the US. A deadly war finally had forced the Soviet forces in fleeing from Afghanistan.

But the war had left its natural aftermath. There had been thousands of Afghan girls and women who were raped by the Soviet army while the number of pregnant females bearing war-child in their womb were thousands. Afghan male weren't willing to marry these unfortunate females. Hundreds of war Children were murdered and buried by their mothers. A liberated Afghanistan had hundreds and thousands of males who weren't willing to give-up weapons and return to normal llife. They had huge thirst for human blood and that had led them into initially waging a battle against their enemies- the another fraction or fractions of mujahidins.

At this stage, Saudi-born billionaire Osama Bin Laden, who also took part in the war against Soviet forces, all on a sudden turned into Frankenstein thus moving weapons towards United States and the west as Osama believed, the military might of the Afghans should be used in establishing supremacy of Islam over the non-Muslims. Al Qaeda was born with the motto of fighting against the enemies of Islam and it quickly aksi included monarchies in the Arab world in its list of enemies. Most interestingly, Osama, who had intimacy with the Saudi royals turned into their arch-rivals as Al Qaeda began to expand its network and strength.

No analyst can really predict where this madness would stop as a number of jihadist groups had already emerged in the world as a bi-product of the Afghan mujahidins. Islamic State also is one of the bi-products. While global attention still is stuck on Al Qaeda, Islamic State, Boko Haram, Abu Saiyaff, Al Sabab and other jihadist groups, no one seems to be bothering yet on the case of Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army(ARSA), which already is increasing in size and strength in the face of atrocities on Muslims in Myanmar. What is happening in Myanmar now is definitely Holocaust, which has forced the peace-loving Rohingya Muslims in that country in declaring holy war against the politicians, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs and the army and police. ARSA has no option but to begin a war against Buddhist Nazis in Myanmar. Because, by now, over one million Rohingya Muslims had already been forcefully pushed inside Bangladesh by Myanmar's ruthless army and their cohorts. Although Bangladesh is making all sincere efforts in repatriating the Rohingya refugees to Myanmar, there is every possibility that Myanmar finally won't accept these unfortunate Muslims. Then what is next? A large partition of this over one million Rohingyas would take weapons in hands and affiliate themselves with ARSA. Just imagine- a group of at least hundred thousand people turning into ARSA fighters!

This situation will further worsen when India would drive-away, more than forty million Muslims from its north-eastern region. Another jihadist group of a few hundred thousand people would take birth. May be, Indian Muslim Salvation Army or IMSA.

M A Hossain is a political and defence analyst and had worked in the United Nations Peacekeeping Force

M A Hossain
M A Hossain, © 2018

M A Hossain is a defence and political analysts and had served in United Nations Peacekeeping Force.

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