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Opinion | Feb 22, 2018

Loyalty In Unison

Nicholas Boadi

"We may have all come on different ships but we are in the same boat now." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

It's amazing reading posts which seem to tag someone as an alien and another with the mantra 'Yenim Wo Firi Tete'.

Yes, 'Yenim Wo Firi Tete' as was the mantra in Nana Addo's campaign since 2007 is still relevant today in the Danquah Busia Dombo tradition but let no one lose sight of what Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo stood for - Loyalty In Unison.

Nana Addo contested the 1998 presidential primaries with the then Candidate Kufuor and lost to his senior. But this did not quench his fire and desire to serve the NPP at all to make him go into total hibernation like some people did in the NPP in Adentan. He went everywhere with Candidate Kufuor campaigning with and for him to the admiration of the entire NPP fraternity. Therefore, in recounting history, let's not try to twist its arms to suit anybody's whims and caprices for political convenience sake.

In any case, have we ever asked ourselves why it took Nana Addo eight long years wallowing in opposition after winning the Presidential Primaries in 2007 even after President Kufuor's government had performed conspicuously well? Have we also wondered why Hon Alan Kyeremanteng has failed to catch the eyes of NPP delegates over the years after losing to Nana Addo in 2007 at Legon? The answer is simple. He chose to go into hibernation like some people did in Adentan NPP. However, when Mr Alan Kyeremanteng repented and was seen all over on the campaign train with Nana Addo since 2014 when he lost again to Nana, the NPP won the 2016 general elections convincingly.

That is what unity and loyalty can do in internal politics.

Comparing Nana Addo's 'Yenim wo firi tete' slogan at the time to today's Adentan politics only amounts to comparing oranges to apples because those in question here in Adentan failed to do what Nana Addo did which won him the trust and admiration of the NPP delegates. Instead, they decided to do what Hon Alan Kyeremanteng did in 2008 and 2012, that is going into total hibernation.

Because some people's preferred candidate couldn't win the 2016 Parliamentary Primaries in Adentan, they decided to campaign for Nana Addo only, leaving the elected PC for Adentan to his fate. Someone (name withheld for strategic reasons) among the executives even went to the extent of pouring libation and cursing the PC that over his dead body would YB win the 2016 general election and called himself the 'NPP Ramadan' doing the bidding of our parliamentary opponent, Alhaji Ramadan.

That to me is the height of disloyalty on the part of any such person and his cohorts and that is why some of us have decided to vote for Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey and his team to bring the unity and loyalty we have been yearning for in Adentan NPP over the years.

Some people take internal politics too personal to the extent that they tend to make 'ebegu a engu' their agenda if their preferred candidates lose primaries. I, Nicky, have always stood against disunity and rancour in internal politics and that is why my heart bled so profusely during the 2016 campaigns when some NPP executives decided to work against the party's choice of PC in Adentan. But for the intervention of God and the hard work of the likes of Torgbui Acolatse, Eben, Hon Odai Boye, Danny, Baba Tauffic, Bronx and a few others, including Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey, a patron, who were fully committed to our course as a party, YB would have lost the 2016 election Big Time just for them to prove their point that YB was worse than Frances Essiem as they had always denigrated him to other bigwigs in the party as such.

Today, these same people want to take over the leadership of the party in Adentan to pursue an agenda best known to them. Now, in the unlikely event that they succeed, do they expect all to come on board and rally behind their preferred candidate for election 2020? Will whoever that becomes the party's PC in Adentan in the long run win the election with a divided front? Also, if the other side whom they had worked vehemently and relentlessly against in 2016 also decide to go on the same tangent as they did in 2016, will they have the moral right and courage to appeal to them to forge unity? Will a party in tatters in Adentan inure to the advantage their preferred candidate?

Now, come to think of it, who at all is this so called alien in Adentan NPP? Is it Mr. Kwesi Mantey who is one of our patrons in Adentan? Is it Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey who is the patron of the youth wing? Is it Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey who went everywhere with our campaign team prior to election 2016 whiles some executives had even gone into hibernation and others playing diabolics? Is it Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey who was Nana Addo's Polling Agent for the Presidential Primaries in Adentan in 2014? Is it Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey who raised funds to support our campaign in 2016 when some executive members who were tasked to raise funds decided to use the money to execute their Agenda 'Vote for Nana Addo and Ramadan in Adentan? Is it this same *Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey who played an instrumental role of securing the Prisons Park in Koforidua for the NPP to hold its biggest rally where the then Candidate Kufuor declared the 'Positive Change' slogan which according to research contributed immensely in winning us NPP's first electoral victory in 2000? This happened at a time the NDC party had denied access to the Koforidua Jackson's Park. He did this together with Hon Isaac, the CEO of TOR and others.

Fellow delegates, there is no alien at all in Adentan NPP today who wants to be chairman and if there is, then it should rather be those who failed to come on board after the several failed attempts by the then PC, Lawyer YB to rally them behind the party after their preferred candidates had lost the primaries.

A Vote for Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey is a vote for a united front. A vote for Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey is a vote Peace in Adentan NPP. A vote for Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey is a vote to execute our Agenda Adentan For The Double which means we'll win both the presidential and parliamentary seats in Adentan together without preaching 'skirt and blouse' as some people did in the last general elections. A vote for Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey is a vote to kick out the 'NPP Ramadan' from our midst. A vote for Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey is a vote for the promotion of the welfare of the NPP members especially the polling station executives. A vote for Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey is a vote for connections.

Please vote for Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey because he is ready to work with anyone who becomes our PC whether the person was his favourite candidate prior to primaries or not.

Mr Emmanuel Kwesi Mantey will not go into hibernation like some people did and will not also execute any diabolical agenda against the party's choice of PC because he wasn't his favourite candidate.

Hate cannot win; Love, Unity and Loyalty will.
A word to the wise is enough.

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