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Opinion | Jan 5, 2018

Council Chairman and Rev Afful-Broni embarrassing UEW and the Catholic Church

My earlier article called on the government to dissolve the UEW Council and get more competent people from the great NPP to work on that Council. I outlined many issues, highlighting how the Council Chairman (Associate Professor Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah) of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Rev. Anthony Afful-Broni) are destroying the University. As a responsible citizen, I put out facts so that the nation and our political leadership can judge. I will shall endeavour to limit my writings to facts. I believe in strong institutions as our President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, reiterates on all platforms. Thank you, Nana. I greet you. Let me use this opportunity to thank the government that they did not interfere in the UEW case at the Supreme Court such that justice is served. I am proud it happened so to the shame of those who think the government was going to do so. Thank you, Nana. Thank you, Chief Justice. It makes me feel proud that there are level headed people in government. This is why I started writing on this subject.

In the following paragraphs, I am detailing how the Council Chairman (Associate Professor Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah) of the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Rev. Anthony Affull-Broni) are embarrassing UEW and the Catholic Church. In so doing, I am listing another set of facts that detail what is actually happening in UEW. I am decide to itemise so that all can note the points. I use every day Ghanaian English to ensure you understand the facts as I, the son of a poor fisherman watching events in UEW, puts them.

Emabarassments to UEW
Readers may have been reading the daming articles about Professorship at UEW. I believe the quality of the Council Chairman and his decision making practices seem to confirm some of such claims. Unfortunately, the claims are about the professional competencies of Rev. Anthony Afful-Broni. Let me highlight the main reasons I pick on the Council Chairman and Rev. Afful-Broni as embarrassments to UEW.

  1. The Council Chairman ignored the President's counsel to solve the problems in the University. This charge was given by the President in August but the Counsil has done nothing about the problem than aggravate it. The University is now polarised with minority supporting the evil position of the Council Chairman.
  2. The Council Chairman and Rev. Anthony Afful-Broni are overtly aware that the issues they are raising happened at a time when they were Pro-vice-chancellors to Professor Akwasi Asabere-Ameyaw who was Vice-Chancellor from 2007 to 2015. Yet they persist in blaming the erudite Professor Mawutor Avoke. This is not simply vicious but extremely embarrassing to the quality of leadership on the Council.
  3. It is embarrassing that Council Chairman is engaged in issuing press statements that discredit Principal Officers of the University and presents a picture that the University's processes are saddled with crruption. Press statements from the University should have been issued and signed by the Registrar who is the Secretary to Council. This is simple knowledge that anyone who works in the University should know, much less an Associate Professor and a Council Chairman.
  4. Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah made an incorrect claim about simple procurement processes in stating that the Vice-Chancellor signed three contracts in one day. Everyone knows that a Minister of State or any responsible officer can sign 100 or more contracts in one day after the tender process and entity work has been done. What a Council Chairman!
  5. The Council Chairman wrote an appointment letter to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, appointing Rev. Anthony Affull-Broni as Acting Vice-Chancellor. This is basic knowledge in the University Statute. The Council Chairman has no such authority. It was not even necessary to write such letter because the Pro-Vice-Chancellor naturally acts in the absence of the Vice-Chancellor. Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah has done that twice in Six months!
  6. The Council Chairman lied that BNI and EOCO were investigating some individual Officers of the University. Please note that these institutions are competent and respected state institutions that deal with serious fraud and threats. Their names and activities must not be taken lightly and denigrated. First, the BNI had investigated the institution, not the individuals and found nothing damaging. Second, on-going EOCO investigations had nothing to do with the individuals, but the University's processes. The fact is that the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Rev. Anthony Afful-Broni) and the Council Chairman (Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah) have similarly been invited by EOCO.
  7. The Council Chairman used an interim report of a 'Fact Finding Committee' to interdict some six staffs (Vice-Chancellor, Finance Officer, Procurements Officer, Internal Auditor, Deputy Finance Officer and Deputy Director of Development) on grounds that they were being investigated. Council members were not given copies of the report except what was read by John Darko. This is an embarrassment to the operations of a University Council.
  8. The Council Chairman drives University 4x4 on daily basis and is almost always living in the Council Chairman's Guest House on Campus as though that is his place of residence. I do not think Council Chairs of other Universities do that.
  9. My intelligence indicates the evidence will soon show the Chairman is making UEW ungovernable when GUSS members begin to sue Anthony Afful-Broni for damages to the GUSS projects or withdraw their contributions to the fund.

I will not continue with the list of mediocre practices by the Council Chairman. I listed some in my earlier article and more exist for future write-ups. I will proceed to address the embarrassment to the Catholic Church.

Embarrassments to the Catholic Church
I have heard, and you may have read some people describe Rev. Anthony Afful-Broni as a Priest in black Cassock, Evil, Devilish, and I remember a Church member describing him in the following words - "Father can kill without mercy". Rev. Anthony Affull-Broni, was respected in UEW as a priest, BUT majority of both students and lecturers now detest him. UEW gave land to the Catholic Church ONLY to build a chapel on the North Campus. Students and lecturers supported to build that Church. All that respect is now gone. Many students, lecturers and administrators now attend mass outside campus. I list some reasons why Anthony Afful-Broni is an embarrassment to the Catholic Church an apology of a Catholic Priest.

  1. Rev. Afful-Broni has become materialistic to point that he is now engaged in 'support buying' to have some relevance. He is engaged in populism. He suddenly has become father Christmas giving money to people at mobile money transfer kiosks, security personnel at the University, student leaders etc. Did I hear that is why SRC and GRASAG leaders are compelled to vote in his favour on the University Council? Did I hear he is helping his cronies including Dandy (to build a house) and Alhassan Bawa (to buy land)? These are good things a Catholic Priest should do except that doing it as a way of 'support buying' against innocent people is sad.
  2. He is always actively scheming with people against the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mawutor Avoke. He even holds meetings with the group he schemes with in the Church.
  3. Rev. Afful-Broni he could not attend one UTAG meeting since the beginning of 2017. Instead he sends text messages (SMS) to lecturers, encouraging them to attend the meeting and vote against UTAG positions so that he can retain his position as Acting Vice-Chancellor. He sponsored a parallel team to contest UTAG Executive positions. When they lost en bloc, he engineered them to take the matter to court. Yet he tells lies that he is so pious the Court asked him to act and correct a mess in UEW? Well, I think he is messing up UEW and embarrassing the holy Catholic Church.
  4. Rev. Afful-Broni appoints people to non-existent positions because they write favourable things about him in the media. It is why Bawa was appointed coordinator for General Course at the Business School. The University of Ghana, probably, has the oldest Business School. You need to find out if such a position exists there!
  5. He tells lies. He cannot be trusted by most people. The breaking point was when he swore to UTAG Executives that he was never going to change appointments made by the Vice-Chancellor prior to the Court injunction. Yet he did!
  6. Although his signature, was on the Payment Vouchers as approving Officer, he continues to tell lies that the Vice-Chancellor and the Finance Officer were responsible for the issues related to the construction of the North Campus road.
  7. The Catholic Priest, Rev. Anthony Afful-Broni is now planting students to investigate or record or find friends who will testify against lecturers who talk about their activities. Is this priest not an embarrassment to the Holy Sea?
  8. He is so vicious that he has neither called nor visit the Vice-Chancellor who is interdicted to say good morning. Note that the wife of Professor Mawutor Avoke attends the Catholic Church where Afful-Broni is the Priest. I never observed one instance where Rev Afful-Broni asked Mrs Avoke how she and the family were doing. Instead, he wrote to withdraw all the conditions of service of the Vice-Chancellor. He wrote to transfer the drivers.

What government and the Catholic Church should do?

I am happy our government is a listening government. The UEW Council should be reconstituted to get more level headed people in the NPP and well-meaning Ghanaians to avoid these embarrassing practices by the Council Chairman, Emanuel Nicholas Abakah. Government has this opportunity to act and correct the mess going on in UEW.

The Catholic Secretariat and the Bishops Conference should consider transferring Afful-Broni. He is an embarrassment to the image of the Catholicism on campus.

I am concerned.
Son of a poor fisherman watching events in UEW
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Eric Appiah
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