The Silent Voice of Alpha Dreamers

Feature Article The Silent Voice of Alpha Dreamers
SEP 23, 2017 LISTEN

The current deafening noise and out of synch confusion amongst people in some 10, 0000 cities of the world is a living proof of reactions to disconnected and divisive lifestyles. Simultaneously in the same places, globally exposed masses, calm and composed folks are not only watching the chaos but also witnessing a better parallel life in harmony, diversity, and tolerance comfortably expanding around the new world expiating as a new great alternative…Our new global age is certainly hardwired with life issue and also soft wired with digital transformation issues to enable well-informed, balanced and progressive understanding folk can deploy intelligent micro-nation collaborations and stay liberated from traditional dogmas issues.

What does this mean to senior and political leadership and how to mobilize this power?

Called Alpha Dreamers, they are 2 billion plus, young and old, rich and poor, from all walks of life are new global age thinkers showcasing better understanding and delivering to create new level of grassroots prosperity. They are the frontline inquisitors who are exploring the hidden powers of mankind; yet they fully appreciate the human frailty and the mystery of its origin. They have collaboration built into their genes. They are blind to skin colors and deaf to dogmas; they are comfortable with global age thinking and execution. They are continually seeding for worldwide prosperity and they represent the new consciousness of mankind. Here we are all as one despite color and race and move forward towards better lives. These are not the 2 typical guys with some peace sign boards handing out on the other side of the march. They are 2 billion plus working will latest technology and intelligently communicating ideas amongst each other while maintaining calm composure and with a quest to fine better answers.

Alpha dreamers can easily recognize this new world but how can this be harnessed for prosperity?

They are passionately connected to booth, hard-wired to real life and soft-wired to technocalamity. They can easily isolate truth, eliminate junk overload and respond to real information. They are the first ever largest and well connected group in the history of mankind. They now speak a different universal language, act distinctively, think differently and steadily arise quietly to change the world for a better prosperity. Because they are almost invisible, the establishment and media has failed to identify this hidden new global demographic. Nevertheless, as a new mighty global mind-share, their harmonious presence and superior thinking moves them towards prolonged peaceful living and global sustainability issues keep infusing them with new energies. They are the alpha-dreamers; their silence is the next thunder, they are the new dream weavers of mankind of all age groups from all over the world, they are the new universal citizens. They are the first ever massive scale globally connected dreamers…as dreams lay the foundations for pending realities.

Most importantly alpha dreamers are neither afraid to push their own personal transformation into superior performance nor are they afraid of breaking the many old rigid rules, ways of thinking or changing the procedures around them. They are getting ready to openly lead the next prosperity revolution.

What is technocalamity and how it6s magic can be introduced in challenged environments?

When the tsunami of free technologies make established organization appear outdated. This is when emerging entrepreneurs acquire extra ordinary access and power to global markets overnight. This is when the demands on human development and its capability to understand the wired-framing of business models becomes critical as old thinking gets fried creating fear, panic and calamity…smart and trained minds find comfort in such intense zones.

When will the sun rise and what happens at high-noon? What are the relearning options?

Once, coming out of the darkness into light was the biggest challenge: As we move forward in time, it becomes obvious that once again it’s not the invented things that make the differences; rather it is the deeper thinking and the use of advanced skills that will push us ahead. For example, the discovery of electricity was not the all important issue. We had to come to grips emotionally and physically to understand the power and transformation the drastic lifestyle changes that this discovery light made to our lives. Continuous life style adjustments and deployment of that invention drove us to a massive mental transformation. It was not just a light switch but rather coming out of the darkness into light was the main challenge. This is also the case now as we to come out of our metal cubes and boxes and launch into open cyber connected wide open global age spaces. We must not be scared like house trained kittens and too scared to step into the front yards. We are at the cusp of overly invented ideas which seriously lack deployments while we are emotionally afraid to let go of our heavy filing cabinets and squared cubicles and afraid of boundary-less living.

Alpha Dreamers & how to become one
Beyond 2020 a typical $1000 dollar investment in technology will eliminate a $100,000 yearly executive job forever. It’s not the technology to fear; it’s the incompetence of the executive mandates not being aware of the pending technocalamity and transformational options. Study the topic very deeply, research out the options, eliminate fakery and come out will simple few honest answer and real proof of validity

By 2020 and beyond, some three billion workers will be exposed to a new “workless’ world.

It’s inevitable that the impact of block chain automation robotization and AI will make 2 billion office and factory workers outdates within next 1000 days…and in further 5000 days China is poised to become the world’s largest economy. The questions are two flooded? Can smart nation figure out a fast track program to reenergize and retrain millions of talented but technocalamity bitten folks into new champions for the new global fronts or continually watch the decline of performance

Today’s national leaderships isolating technology to blame are missing the boat as rapid adoption and national mobilization of entrepreneurialism to transform to cope with such pending tsunamis are now becoming new blueprints for smart nations. There is no escape, neither from increased incompetencies nor hyper transformational deployments; it’s becoming a whirlpool for easy drowning. Good swimming

The time to change has past, the time to mobilize and revolutionize has arrived.

Starting Mobilization? Study Expothon Strategy deeply, and how massive deployment transforms and creates armies of happy entrepreneurs. Find out today, what your national leadership is lacking to connect the dots and deploy a large scale national mobilization of entrepreneurialism and engage in open and bold debates? Open a great window and frame an opportunity by playing in this advance global arena. Identify few top leadership contacts and start a high level dialogue. If you have the right players seeking a national program, request Expothon Deployment Strategy Protocols. The new global age is a massive new landscape of new opportunities for new players…it’s only moving forward. Expothon Strategy is developed by Naseem Javed of Mentorian and its gaining global attention. Currently Expothon is doings senior level workshops on local and national deployment strategies

Entrepreneurial Competency Quotient: Today’s hyper accelerated new global age is not “highest intelligent quotient” driven; but rather “entrepreneurial competency quotient” charged and common sense prosperity development driven. This is where innovative thinking and global age execution styles ready to engage global access and trading. This erases the old class room knowledge models of sluggish bureaucracies based on fears, insecurities and shared dogmatic confusion.

It’s not that the future that appears too dark; it’s the brightness of imagination that’s too dim

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Naseem Javed is founder of Mentorian Worldwide and now leading a worldwide movement on how to create ‘supremacy of innovative excellence and business leadership performance’ via high speed ‘mass market penetration strategy implementation modules’. His latest work on Expothon Strategy is getting global attention. A corporate philosopher, he also conducts special ‘CEO Executive Workshops’ and ‘Global Age Strategy Sessions’ to create more powerful marketable ‘High-Value Global Corporate Assets’. Naseem is a world recognized authority on corporate nomenclature, global and image and identity complexities, and cyber presence, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. He is building a global network of high-quality Mentorian Ambassadors