National Mobilization Of Entrepreneurialism In Ghana

Features National Mobilization Of Entrepreneurialism In Ghana
AUG 5, 2017 LISTEN

Summary: Cold Facts & Warm Realities:
Most nations are already flooded with massive innovations, but lacking massive commercialization

There are over certifications and degrees but holders seriously lacking business directions,

There are empty incubators and exhausted accelerators like real estate projects,

There are economical development programs but without mega punch

If mobilization of entrepreneurialism carves a way to grassroots prosperity, what’s stopping it?

Will this common sense approach once again require massive multi-year academic studies?

Why is this now an attractive message and political platform and wake-up call for smart nations?

The Top Ten Most Difficult National Transformational Challenges:

Why is Entrepreneurialism taught in class rooms? Armies are not, they are in tactical combats.

Why are global age connected societies of Alpha-dreamers ignored? They are three billion

Why is Technocalamity; the free overflow of technology so feared? It is altering landscape?

Why is soft power asset management so foreign to hard asset thinking? Why lack of knowledge?

Why will population rich nations take over knowledge rich nations? Nations are confused.

Why are national innovation and incubation mantras single day photo-ops? What will change

Why are super power nations challenged by micro-power-nations? By quadrupling exportability

Why typical conference models are obsolete? The push button global thought leadership access.

Why is global collaborative synthesize so misunderstood? Lack of global age understanding.

Why are diversity, entrepreneurialism and women power considered threats? Lack of wisdom

The Top Five Most Critical National Performance Challenges:

Why can’t Trade Associations become 24x7x365, alive with high performance global marketing machines? What is stopping deployments of national and global customer profiles in real time?

Why can’t Awards & Annual events become 24x7x365, with high quality deliverers of 365 days of programs? What’s stopping the steady continuous flow of pragmatic contents and workable ideas?

Why can’t houses of trade and chambers prove 24x7x365 value with 365 days of global programming? What is stopping the massive creation of global bounce of leads and opportunities in real time?

Why can’t Export development hunting groups operate on a 24x7x365 basis with high value global performance levels? What is stopping sophisticated large live data bases bounce in real time?

Why can’t Government economical programs lead 24x7x365 with superior messages, full control and command? How to lead by example by creating image supremacy protocols of innovative excellence?

Great revival remedies are already in place;

Refusal to debate and deploy such available techniques, point to a lack of superior skills.

Organizations and teams will shine if they open up to bold revival strategies.

Leadership will get blended with entrepreneurial pace and create a brand new prosperity pace.

This is technocalamity intertwined with global collaborative synthesizim and prosperity.

In most cases new funding are not the issues; change as the current losses are already there.

The biggest national hidden treasure of country is its hidden entrepreneurial talent; massively

un-tapped, un-discovered, and un-commercialized but ready for mobilization.

What’s stopping it?
FACT: In next 1000 days we arrive at 2020 where new worldwide processes of block chained-economy starts eliminating some one billion white collar office workers. In further 3650 days China becomes the world’s largest economy, global shifts of image supremacy starts opening brand new doors. Where are those serious debates on mobilization of hidden talents?

FACT: every night, when we fall asleep, three quarter of the world is wide awake; churning, consuming, producing and dancing in its glory. The new hyper accelerated world is spinning without waiting for any one person or one mighty nation.

Entrepreneurial Competency Quotient: Today’s hyper accelerated new global age is not “highest intelligent quotient” driven; but rather “entrepreneurial competency quotient” centric. This is where innovative thinking and global age execution styles engage into collaborative synthesizim for superior quality trading. This erases the old class room knowledge models of sluggish bureaucracies based on fears, insecurities and shared dogmatic confusions. A brand new world is wide open to smart nations.

Entrepreneurial Culture: Primarily, entrepreneurs take very little but give in gigantic amounts to the universe; they will not create electricity just for their own private cottage, but for the world. True entrepreneurs are continually seeking solutions to local, national or global problems. Their smartness is super efficiency and extraordinary speed; it’s true someday governments would have invented the modern iPhone, but for sure a century later.

The Top Two Most Difficult Challenges for the National Leadership:

When will it push transformational buttons & engage with bold and vibrant debates across the region? When will it deploy national mobilization of entrepreneurialism and awake the sleeping giant?

The time to change has already passed, the time to mobilize and revolutionize has started.

The New Entrepreneurial Standards:
Expothon Strategy developed over a decade by Mentorian Worldwide now getting global attention,
engages 100-1000 new global age thought leaders and debates LIVE on ‘real value creation’ models and on global collaborative synthesizim and challenges the old ‘value-manipulation’ models, where a $1 million dollar factory gets $100 million dollar value on stock exchanges. Expothon Strategy designed to quadruple innovative excellence and exportability are deployment ready multi-dimensional programs for immediate mobilization ready to transform 30% of a Nation’s SME owners already in $3 million to $30 million range seeking positive trajectory for outbound global growth.

What is Expothon?
Expothon is a sophisticated delivery system of transformational debates, entrepreneurial strategies and expert discussions with pragmatic solutions critical to expansion realities on creation of grassroots prosperity by mobilizing SME owners. Expothon selectively engages anywhere from 1000 to 1,000,000 owners of small medium businesses via a LIVE high quality non-stop of 24 Hours TV Simulcast during 365 days of Expothon Forums as marathons on image supremacy of innovative excellence and exportability. The total delivery of 8760 Hours of high value transformation deployment is global game changer.

PLUS each viewer is also coached weekly on one-on-one basis, plus invited to a high caliber intense combative tactical field training of global age business methodologies and deployment strategies. All these create the three dimensional pace of new global age mobilization.

The Expothon Program debates and showcases winning local and national innovative agendas.

New funding and financial modeling strategies. Exportability options for new world outside. Personal developments, vision, transitions, successions, long term strategies. Government services. Superclusters. Intellectual Property, innovative collaborations, legal affairs and creating assets. Mergers and acquisition opportunities, creating global alliances and collaborations. Logistical and operational deployments, global friendly services, One Belt One Road. Special services that can boost image, exportability and innovative performance. Opportunity hunting, global linking, competitive readiness, summarization, tabulations recommendations.

Confusion Clarified: This deluxe program is categorically NOT to be confused with traditional university and academic educations, online courses or startup and incubator events. This program is resoundingly different and extremely novel and focuses on combative, tactical formats delivered exclusively in powerful and dramatically engaging styles to owners, founders and job-creators.

These high value deluxe programs offered ALMOST FREE but only to selcted high potential businesses. This is all about creating massive grassroots prosperity delivered via a revolution in a shoebox.

Over ten years in making, the entire program is financed and managed by Mentorian Worldwide.

National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism – Ghana

How does this fit national goals and agenda: is a nation ready for national mobilization and creating economical development and grassroots prosperity? Either as a national program, a political platform,

a national associations’ agenda or a economical body’s prime responsibility? In either case we are open to frame a high value proposition and custom design pragmatic features in the turnkey deployments. Make the nation shine.

Questioning Mobilization Readiness:
Is a nation blessed with 1000 to 100,000 high potential owners ready to enter global age expansion?

Is there a “National Agenda” on Global Age National Entrepreneurialism & Exportability?

Is the leadership ready to identify top progressive agenda and communicate bold ideas with them?

Questioning Understanding:
Unlimited global markets can absorb unlimited innovative ideas and goods and services.

Founders with entrepreneurial talent and energy are anxious for global age expansion.

Well-designed, innovative ideas and global age skills can quadruple enterprise performance.

Global-age execution styles among enterprises are the most serious MISSING links in today’s world.

Expothon is currently engaged in selecting countries for large scale deployment and also selecting alliances with senior government leaderships, major national and global trade associations.

The time to change has past, the time to mobilize and revolutionize has arrived.

Starting Mobilization? Study Expothon Strategy deeply, and how massive deployment transforms and creates armies of happy entrepreneurs. Find out today, what your national leadership is lacking to connect the dots and deploy a large scale national mobilization of entrepreneurialism and engage in open and bold debates? Open a great window and frame an opportunity by playing in this advance global arena. Identify few top leadership contacts and start a high level dialogue. If you have the right players seeking a national program, request Expothon Deployment Strategy Protocols. The new global age is a massive new landscape of new opportunities for new players…it’s only moving forward.

Naseem Javed is founder of Mentorian Worldwide and now leading a worldwide movement on how to create ‘supremacy of innovative excellence and business leadership performance’ via high speed ‘mass market penetration strategy implementation modules’. His latest work is getting global attention.

A corporate philosopher, he also conducts special ‘CEO Executive Workshops’ and ‘Global Age Strategy Sessions’ to create more powerful marketable ‘High-Value Global Corporate Assets’. Naseem is a world recognized authority on corporate nomenclature, global and domain naming complexities, and cyber affairs, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. He is building a global network of high quality Mentorian Ambassadors LinkedIn: