Are We Smart Enough For 2020?

Feature Article Are We Smart Enough For 2020?
SEP 18, 2017 LISTEN

Victory constantly surrounds all of us all the times and taps us occasionally to get awakened and become victorious; Innovative excellence and supremacy of entrepreneurialism is now poised to quadruple exportability and create massive grassroots prosperity. Nations must prove their smartness, old economical prosperity models in the hand of old mentality have failed now proof of 2020 smartness are becoming mandatory.

The Knowledge Plug; The notion of IOT or “Internet of Things” is an old fashioned talk…there is no such thing as ‘internet’ with ‘things’. When was the last time you strapped a banana to your mobile phone, mounted your laptop on a horse or inserted your tablet in an air-conditioner? The Internet of the past is what typewriter used to be before taken over by word processing. The term Internet is already eighties; old and slow and now with notion of things attached is like the floor of the old Radio Shack store in year 2000 where dozens of gadgets hopelessly trying to connect to each other. Things have changed big time in last few years. Study Blockbuster and why financial wizardry of Wall Street laughed at Netflix, and where Netflix is today.

It’s not that important how much education do you have rather how smartly are you plugged into this universal knowledge. Here is a test of new superior level smartness for players claiming to be in innovative economical growth and entrepreneurial excellence.

The Plugged Society:
How well adjusted and exposed are you in this knowledge-plugged society?

How and what do you know on how to deploy today the power of knowledge plug?

How many models of value creation and prosperity generation can you articulate?

How can you demonstrate your global age leadership qualities during this metamorphosis?

Today, the world already offers hundreds of brand new and free technologies to transform any organization into become a global age player. You need the right players. Here is a test of smartness for key players in innovative growth & entrepreneurial excellence

The Global Age Speed of Execution:
How can you quadruple your performance with only 25% of working time

How can you justify your position by deploying advance level execution for your entire organization

How can you prove your worth ten times over your current pay rate?

How can you justify hooking a hammock in your office and also taking rest of the week off?

At no other time in the history of the world have there been so many new ideas and dramatic options colliding for the betterment of mankind than this global age. In spite of that these ideas are equally crushed by lack of global age skills. Still some additional billion new unemployed are expected due to massive automation and block chain. The absence of bold debates and combative discussions on hard core issues of innovative excellence and achieving grassroots prosperity is the proof of a serious lack of knowledge.

We are a “Plugged Society’ and if you have access to that free and universal “knowledge plug” you may be the one of the next smartest entrepreneur around…find the plug and connect to power.

About The Author
Naseem Javed is founder of Mentorian Worldwide and now leading a worldwide movement on how to create ‘supremacy of innovative excellence and business leadership performance’ via high speed ‘mass market penetration strategy implementation modules’. His latest work is getting global attention. A corporate philosopher, he also conducts special ‘CEO Executive Workshops’ and ‘Global Age Strategy Sessions’ to create more powerful marketable ‘High-Value Global Corporate Assets’.

Naseem is a world recognized authority on corporate nomenclature, global and domain naming complexities, and cyber affairs, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. He is building a global network of high quality Mentorian Ambassadors