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Jul 29, 2017 | CPP News

CPP embarks on campaign to register members

CPP embarks on campaign to register members

The Convention People's Party (CPP) has embarked on a massive campaign with the aim of registering more electorate into the party to break the strongholds of all political parties in the Upper West Region (UWR).

The campaign began after a follow-up to their Central Steering Committee meeting held in Accra recently.

In an interview with the UWR Branch Secretary of the CPP, Mr Issahaque Sulemana, he said they were starting early with new strategies being mapped out to ensure that they got a foothold and won more parliamentary seats in the region.

Distribution of nomination forms
As a first step, he said, the regional executive had started with the distribution of nomination forms for the registration of new members at the polling stations, as well as the constituencies during which their curriculum vitae would be kept in a database to enable them to know their strength before conducting fresh elections.

“Since the December 7, 2008 general election that the CPP won a seat, the party has not been able to capture any seat in Parliament again, thereby partly weakening our capacity to deliver on its responsibilities,” he said.

“Election to Parliament is on a competitive basis with the participation of political parties and independent candidates who meet the requirements set by the Constitution and other relevant laws governing elections in the country,” he stated.

The regional secretary explained that with this development the party would organise symposiums and talks with the aim of improving citizens' understanding of the values and the manifesto of the party throughout the region. To make them committed to the CPP, the secretary said, they would be tasked to pay dues to run their local affairs at the grass-roots and constituency levels.

Creation of jobs
Mr Sulemana noted that the CPP was the only party that could take pragmatic steps to create jobs for all thereby creating wealth and change the fortunes of the country, noting that both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) had failed the people over the years.

He reminded the people that most of the social amenities and infrastructural facilities being enjoyed now were provided by the CPP making it the only party that could solve the country's problems.

“We are, therefore, calling on Ghanaians to give the party a chance to work to bring unity and prosperity into the country since they have tried the two dominant parties over the years and they are dissatisfied with them,” he said.

On their priorities when given the chance, he mentioned creation of more jobs for all, roads, health and education, since to the party, every child had the right to free education up to the senior high school level.

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