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26 July 2017 | Diaspora (Germany)

Kapsong Culture Association In Hamburg Ask All GaDangmes To Join Forces Towards Rebuilding Gt. Accra

Naadiatu-Bagigah Bawah || Hamburg, Germany
Kapsong Culture Association In Hamburg Ask All GaDangmes To Join Forces Towards Rebuilding Gt. Accra

Last Saturday as the summer is still breezing in the atmosphere, the sun set so high –ringing through Ghanaians in Hamburg ears and sting in their eyes as a newly and well establish union was born and outdoor in a colourful ceremony - KAPSONG

All unions in Hamburg fell in love with KAPSONG because of their warm reception like a warm wind carried on the sea and they all prayed that KAPSONG days in Hamburg last long as they wish.

A new union has been born into the family of GaDangme associations in Germany mainly in the city of Hamburg to engage in issues concerning the GaDangmes and Ghana as a whole.

As it is known in the GaDangme culture, every child born is outdoored before the morning star by the family; Referring to this tradition one can be certain to state that the newly founded union named KAPSONG Culture Association was inaugurated last Saturday amidst fun and excitement by members and the general public who grace the occasion. The venue of attraction was Kulturhof Dulsberg, Ater Teichweg was a night that will never forgo as one of the best ever performance by KAPSONG and other union in and around Hamburg to showcase Ghanaian culture by regional basis

The aim of this association is to promote and educate the GaDangme Culture in the Diaspora especially in Germany and also to get a platform for the GaDangmes basically from the Dangmeland ranging through Ada, Osudoku, Manya Krobo, Yilo Krobo, Shai, Sega, Kpong, Agomenya, Ningo, Odumase-Krobo, Prampram, Kpone and Dodowa.

KAPSONG consists of Dangme lands with its meaning. K stands for Kpong, A for Ada, P for Prampram, S for Se, O for Osudoku, N for Ningo and G for Ga. (PAPSONG) With the composition of these alphabets and as the union´s slogan says “WEKU KAKE” meaning united as one family.

Special cultural display by KAPSONG gives an insight of Dangme culture known as Depo. Depo is a puberty rite performed for an adolescent girl growing into adulthood. This is to purify the girl before growing into the life of a woman. There were other interesting acts from the Dangme people. Aside that live documentations were given to upgrade the knowledge of the visitors about the Dangme people.

The union is embarking on an enormous project which bears the name “The OWiM Project” which stands for Our Widow´s Mite, a biblical allusion to the example by the poor widow who offered her little contribution with a genuine heart that turned out to be the most valued effort (Luke 21:1-4). The association mainly exists to promote the welfare of the people and the Krobo state on issues of education, development and general welfare. The proposal is a wake-up call for the plight of the pupils and teachers of the 53 years old Kpong Presby Junior High School. This project is to help re-build the school, create a better learning structure, to prevent collapse of the old classroom block, arrest the declining performance of the school and its pupils. The new structure of this well dwelling project are aside three classrooms which has been fitted with access ramps to be disabled-friendly will have facilities like a spacious library, an ICT centre, head teacher´s office, staff common room and a compound to be landscaped.

This well meant project is already in progress since outstanding works have taken place and are still taking place. A fund raising activity was held to help make the project of the KAPSONG Association of Hamburg become great and fulfilled.

The KAPSONG Association of Hamburg has inaugurated itself with its ambitions. With the help of all GaDangmes this project will successfully be brought to an end since any little contribution can be a valuable effort. The educational lives of GaDangme youths must not be at stake when we have competent leaders for that matter KAPSONG Association of Hamburg is on the right path to help GaDangme to rise up again.

All GaDangmes and unions across the globe wish the newly inaugurated association good luck and success.

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