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Tarzan’s ¢2.28bn package -SILENCE!

By Chronicle
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VRA Chiefs, Board dodge questions Accra, April 19, 2005, (Chronicle) --THE simple but loaded question as to what went into the 'compensation' package for the former Chief Executive of the VRA, Dr. Charles Wereko-Brobby and how the sum of c2.8 billion was recommended still remained unresolved as chiefs and board members of the authority declined to answer pointed questions on the matter.

The usually outspoken legal luminary Mr. Yonni Kulendi told this reporter that he did not know whether Dr. Brobby had actually been paid his 'entitlements', suggesting that Wereko Brobbey himself or the board chairman Asamoah Bonsu would be the best people to speak to the issue.

Reverend I.N Ghansah the acting deputy chief executive, regarded by insiders at VRA as one of the minions of Tarzan – he used to be his personal assistant, told this reporter to go and write about issues that move the nation rather than inquire about the size or veracity of the issue of compensation packages for the departed CEO.

He however noted that the board decides the condition of service hence does not know what really went into those entitlements.

Asked whether Dr Brobbey had been paid, he was also surprisingly not forthcoming but was quick to deny suggestion that Dr Brobbey had been paid five times his annual salary as ex-gratia, saying “I'm positive the amount quoted has not been paid to him” since according to him parts of the conditions are being reviewed.

He also denied Dr Brobbey was drawing fuel as of 2004 despite the fact that this reporter showed him documentary evidence which indicated he did.

“I can say with certainty that not all those provisions in the entitlement would be implemented to the letter,” he said.

When this reporter pushed him further to know the amount of money that went into Dr. Brobbey's benefits, he said every institution whether public or private has confidential matters hence would not be able to provide the figures involved.

Mr. Joshua Ofedie the incumbent chief executive when reached said that the entitlements have not been approved.

According to him, the only component he knows had been paid is part of the provident fund of which he said Dr Brobbey was a statutory beneficiary.

On his part Osei Asamoah Bonsu, board chairman of the authority declined to give detailed information about Dr Brobbey's emoluments.

He told the paper that if the board intends to make anything concerning the entitlements public, it would use the authority's public affairs department and not directly to the press.

When the paper further put to him that it has enough reason to believe Dr Brobbey had benefited from over ¢2 billion package, he said “well that is your belief”.

He still declined to give the paper the specific amount that went into Dr. Wereko Brobbey's 'entitlement' or benefits.

The issue of whether a person who has resigned from public office should be considered for any package at all has raised concerns and has precipitated eyebrows within the authority and encouraged others to adopt 'sit down' strategies to force the hand of the VRA board to consider them too.

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