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Caring For All Believers!!! Helps By Knowing Who God Is And His Will

Caring For All Believers!!! Helps By Knowing Who God Is And His Will
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From the time of Satan's interference in God's order of living in Heavens and earth.Men;so insignificant and a small fly in the face of God, have continuously and persistently accessed,evaluated and equalled God in our own insignificant perception and mind capacity.Such situations sometimes makes even Christians, sometimes feels their problems are insurmountable.Therefore resorting to dubious means and methods of solving them.They cannot quite surrender it wholly to God, and exalt Him well enough.Such situations also makes many feel we have to do a lot, does making God come second in all things and inferior as themselves.

Please carry on with our precious and previous sharing from here.Let me remind us all,that you need not hate a dear one who corrects you. Don't leave the fellowship as a result of that. No; you are first having a relationship with Christ first, nor should a brethren's default hinder you to move on in Christ.It is never like that but pray for all including all believers.Our God is Superior,and above every principality and power known both in the Heavens and on the Earth.

The camp of the saints is the lodging place of the believers including - "the overcoming believers, who will compose of the heavenly armies" ( 19:14) camping on earth. The beloved city is the city of Jerusalem, the dwelling of the would be remnant of Israel. God's faithful people on earth during the millennium, will be the overcoming believers and the remnant of Israel, who have stood and still stands with God and for God. That is why the issue of caring for the believers is close to the heart of God.

Men should be afraid of the way and manner they conduct themselves when privileged to serve in the House or the Body of God/Christ.We should all ministers or saints revere God. This is a privilege God has bestowed on such persons (serving the Lord and fellow men in His vineyard) which cannot be compared to any job in the whole wide world. It is after the end of such millennium that, Satan will instigate rebellious mankind from the uttermost parts of the north to attack God's people.

This conclusion will not be a few chapters or pages of in-depth study but a revealing and lengthy one.

Now back to the Book of Ezekiel, I will endeavour to summarise our sharing on Ezekiel, by concluding with picks and bites from the beginning of chapters 40 till the end of Chapter 48. they will include all major issues touched on in these chapters.

Dealing with The Vision of the Holy Building of God.

This is constituted of people including all heathen believers gathered from the time of Jesus Christ from all nations. Race, People and Israelites throughout its history. The period from Adam has also been dealt with, therefore God will have overcome the intruder and his team (Satan and his followers) leading to the establishment of the New Heavens and the New Earth.

The conclusion will help bring us believers to be each others keepers, at times and most often to be seen a sacrificial obligation to both God and man in the kingdom of God. Believers have to have a humble and sacrificed, soft heart when dealing with each other as with God, for each one of us has the throne of God dwelling in us. From Adam and Eve God our Father has been consistent with His dealing with man, this is revealed as we pray read the entire Bible.Our God to such people have never hidden His intentions, plans and purpose.

The three previous chapters of the book, concerning the glory of the Lord. (dear one; do you remember "Jesus Christ" started with His teachings of prayers by “Our Father Who Hitherto dwells in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name” including the remaining three other lines which was to exalt and glorify God). Jesus Christ was also additionally, always consistent with His teachings and living aimed at glorifying God. I am afraid so must we, as children of God and believers, be we physical or spiritual children of Abraham.

We find the judgement of God in (chpts. 2-32), and the recovery of the Lord (chpts. 33-39), are all for the holy building of God. You might have as a result of the sharing and the great works God had done through His children before us,know that God's eternal purpose is to have a building in us.As He mingles Himself with His Spirit with the spirit of His chosen people. Whatever God does among His people and among the nations on earth is for His building. Whatever is the worldly aims of mankind, Satan and his demons does not change that. So what God does and is confirmed by the book of Revelation,is parallel to the book of Ezekiel and concludes with God's ultimate building, the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2-22:5).

After the destruction of the temple built by Solomon (2 Kings 25:8-9), that temple was rebuilt by the captives who returned from Babylon ( Ezra 3:6b-13; 6:13-15). Later, this temple was replaced by Herod's temple, which was built in forty six years ( John 2:20). Herod's temple was destroyed in A.D. 70 by the Roman army under Titus Dan. 9:26; Matt. 23:38; 24:2). Neither the temple in Ezra's day nor the temple of Herod's time was the full recovery of Solomon's temple.

However, the temple of Ezekiel's vision was a more full recovery of Solomon's temple. Although the temple itself was the same size as the one Solomon built (41:2,4; cf. 1 Kings 6:2), a number of details relating to the gates, the courts, and the buildings around the temple in Ezekiel's vision indicate an enlargement over Solomon's temple. Thus, beginning with Abraham's tent (Gen. 13:18), progressing to the tabernacle and then to Solomon's temple, and concluding with the temple in Ezekiel's vision, there is a continual progression in the enlargement of God's building in the Old Testament. This continual enlargement also signifies a continual increase in the experience of Christ by God's people (1 King 6:2).

Unless you follow the sharing in the coming weeks,you may not get the full and broader picture God has sort to portray about how He is forming His kingdom as I have spoken about.To arrive at the spiritual conclusion and find your Christian life is worth more than the hopelessly living today and die tomorrow.Be my guest during my next sharing.Our God is good all the time,but our natural ways without the fear of God is detrimental even to our very existence people on earth.