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26.04.2015 Poem


By Divine K. Kpe
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On the lonely bedrock I bemoan the shinning stars and moon.

Can these natural lights drive the darkness of loneliness away.

I gaze at the galaxy but can only understand one thing:
I'm an alien on the Island of loneliness

On the lonely bedrock I feel the breeze of the evening tide.

I wish it's the breeze of your love and presence.
Only that can soothe my loneliness.

Like the waves knocking gently against the cliff in a cold starry night, your
thought fills my mind.

My love taste bud gnarled,
eerie silhouette formed it thee.
Not within an arm's length of me

In the loneliness forest;
where no breeze blow,
not a bird chirps;
no sound;
no movement
Just deathly silence of no word from you.

I feel the stillness of your absence
I looked warily around; where is my Love.

It's a loud rumble of thunder,
a blast of wind bringing with it stinging raindrops of loneliness
It pelted against my soul, my mind & my body

There was nowhere to shelter,
no where to turn to,
Only you I seek; my Love.

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@Divine K Kpe

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