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26.02.2015 Feature Article

Little Lions Grow Up To Be Big Lions

Little Lions Grow Up To Be Big Lions
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“Small Things are precursors of big things yet to come”- Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh

The movie 'Lion King' portrayed two amazing characters, Timon and Pumba who played rather interesting roles in the movie. The two later become best friends after they chanced upon each other when Timon was on a voyage to 'paradise'.

The turnout of events had t that they found Simba, a Lion's cub in a rather exhaustive and almost a state of unconsciousness and rescued him. They kept the mischievous cub around to join their fraternity with the idea that 'little lions grow up to be big lions.' It did not take long for Simba to accept them as his surrogate fathers.

The two teach us that with time we will need big lions around, therefore it is only prudent to be associated with the younger ones. Where are your big Lions?

The presence of small lions in your life is an indication of future lions yet to come. How connected are you with your friends? In some few years to come some of your course mates will become Doctors, whiles others will be Lawyers you will still find a number in ministerial positions, some Pastors and Apostles and others members of a diplomatic core.

Your bet on these people will be shaped in your foundation stages with them. How well did you relate with them when they seem like they were 'nobodies'? It will therefore be in your best interest to show deep and genuine respect for your friends, instead of making mockery of them for their dreams that may seem to you as unrealistic.

Those that climb a ladder aim at getting to the top. Be part of a big network of great minds. Be deliberate and strategic with your associations.

In the next decade which of your friends will be your big lions?

You are indeed outstanding.

Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh
Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh, © 2015

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