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10.11.2014 Press Statement

"Aagbe Wor" Demo: "Cash Na Pocket" Test

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All is set for the "Aagbe Wor" demo to be held by AFAG on Wednesday the 12th of November. The demo is premised on corruption, economic hardship and poor services.

As a group whose advocacy bothers on accountable governance, We can state without any shred of doubt that, this NDC government is insincere, lacks competence, transparency and above all very corrupt. Almost every policy to promote the interest of the people has been fraught with corruption resulting in the mass hopelessness plaguing this Country. The NDC may have the intention to deliver but they lack the will to execute any policy to the common benefit of Ghanaians.

No one is exempted from the consequences of this mass hardship. The AFAG demo will give a unique platform to the ordinary Ghanaian to speak his mind on issues threatening his or her survivability. There is no midway to the current economic circumstances. Is either you are worse off, and want a change or better off, and want John Mahama and his incompetent regime to continue reigning economic terror. Simply put, it's either you are happy about the consequences of "create, loot and share" (i.e. hikes in prices of goods/services and over taxation) or not.

Countrymen, as we walk through this hardship, we should dread of our future. There is no end in sight. We need a spirited determination to over come the oppressive rule of John Mahama. It's not about how to win power it's about how to manage power in the best interest of the Ghanaian. Certainly John Mahama got it wrong.

Alban Gbagbin the current majority leader and leading NDC member sums it all during his presentation at a lecture held on 5th November 2014 and organized by the Centre for socialist democracy. He stated; "All the people I groomed, some of whom are ministers now – I spent almost 24 years in parliament – I can't compare myself to them when we talk about acquisition of property, but because you see me in a Land cruiser – which is my official car – you think I'm enjoying". In effect over enjoyment by public officials is the cause of our economic woes.

Mr. President you have incurred over GHS 42 billion in debt, but there are no investments to show. Mr. President where is our money?


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