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18.10.2014 Feature Article

Customer Satisfaction: The Feedback Mechanism.

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“An unsatisfied customer is often a single ambassador of an embassy of indifferent or of equally unsatisfied customers.” Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh

One of the most important tenets in Customer Service is feedback. The principle of feedback has grown to be an evaluation mechanism that organizations use to measure their performance and strategize their services. Human resource agencies, trainers and researchers invest a great deal of time and other resources into analyzing the feedbacks from their clients. As a number of customer service trainers say, feedback is a gift. The focus of this material is to encourage you you to be positive on the views of others as they interface with your products or services.

The reaction of clients as they interface with products or services is one of the low cost means by which an organization can measure their performance. Defending yourself as customers give you their opinion concerning your products or services, can be a catalyst to stifle growth. Rather smile and be appreciative of the response, comments, criticisms, advice and or opinions of the users of your products or services.

Feedback enables you among others to know if you are making the right communication with your brand to the public. The Bible records how Jesus inquired of His disciples the views of others about Him, then their views as well. In your quest to do better, measure your productivity and access the impact of your brand and create the best products and services for your customers, appreciate their feedback.

Besides you are in business to satisfy your customers, it is only right that they make you know what they want. In as much as some clients may irritate you with their views or rather expressions, you may like to consider the fact that their opinions may represent that of a certain number of people that have interfaced with your organization. What I'm I trying to say? An unsatisfied customer is often a single ambassador of an embassy of indifferent or equally unsatisfied customers. In other words, this customer is telling you what a thousand customers could not say, did not say or rather just chose to ignore. This customer should be your best friend. The interest of the organization is the heartbeat of this customer; he or she expects to see nothing but the best from your organization. As such remains restless when the mark is not attained and brings to your concerns what you should chose not to call complain but an idea, a suggestion or a new business plan. Bingo!

Make a conscious effort to appreciate the feedback of your customers. Feedback remains an invaluable mechanism for customer satisfaction.

Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh
Inspirational Preacher, Author, Corporate MC and Events Executive

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Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh
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