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16.03.2014 Feature Article


At the edge of the Agbogbloshie dump, a man cycles across a stretch of what was once part of the Korle Lagoon
LISTEN MAR 16, 2014
At the edge of the Agbogbloshie dump, a man cycles across a stretch of what was once part of the Korle Lagoon

Indeed, the practice of traveling for pleasure and comfortability on holidays is known as tourism.Tourism sector continues to be one of the most cardinal and fastest thriving sector of the Ghanaian economy.From my perspective point of view government seeks to use tourism as a tool for poverty reduction in view of its significant economic potential.The realization of government potential of tourism to create jobs and tourism related industries at communities with tourist attractions found it prudent to commence the construction of receptive center for the provision of information, catering services and places of convenience.

In view of this, korle lagoon situated in korle gonno in accra is needed to be constructed to enhance attraction.In Ghana we are paying lip services, making arrangements to celebrate the day in style but our tourism site such as korle lagoon is an apology for site.Some are off the beaten track, others have woeful facilities and yet more others so ran down, one wonders what the heck are the caretakers of these fantastic places up to.

To begin with, we have a ministry for tourism and a tourism Minister and the whole sordid story of how our tourist site have been left to go to seed rages on.I would like to know what the tourism Ministers have been mandated to do in their tenure of office, their terms of reference and job description because over the years subsequently Tourism ministers have not done anything worth mentioning about korle lagoon.We have tourism site, korle lagoon can be set as quintessence of tourism site to generate revenue substantially for the betterment of this country.If also korle lagoon develop like other countries have done as said above the country Ghana will earn more revenue from tourists flocking into the country.I still state it patently that korle lagoon can be made more spectacular.

However, i would like to know what money is voted for the Ministry and what is used for because it is the same story year in and year out.The tourism Ministers are forever chairing functions, cutting sods seemingly to new plush hotels and generally being busy bodies at any function that has tourism tag.It is about time we stuck our finger out and do something concrete and inculcate positivity about our korle lagoon to be serve as tourism site subsequently.They should by all means chair the functions which is all in the line of duty but let them leave a legacy when they are gone.

Furthermore, if every Tourism Minister over the years had renovated or improved korle lagoon as tourism site we would be laughing all the way to the tourism back by now.Even our atrocious tourism sites, we are told that we are working millions every year which the tourism ministers spout to us with so much glee.The minister should stop telling us about the millions made through tourism.We want to know what they used for and why millions are pouring into the kitty but our tourism site like korle lagoon is so hardly kept.Do we comprehend tourism at all?We produce cocoa and yet we have not been able to create breathtaking chocolate site like other foreign countries where they have a cocoa boutique with such exciting varieties you will swoon for pleasure. What do we have?

Finally, it is in the light of the point discussed above that i restate my preference of letting korle lagoon turning into tourism site to enable the government in no doubt to turn his attention to korle lagoon to put great measures in place to construct the korle lagoon well to comely served as tourist attraction.




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