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March 14, 2014 | Advertorials Want to be a GOOD PARENT? Want to be a  GOOD PARENT?

History and Mission project was established in 2013 as a parenting company. is about short HD video lessons for parents guiding them through many problems they are facing every day.

The mission of this project is to help mothers and fathers who have a lack of knowledge on how to be good parents, however want to become the best ones. The service provides 2 videos a week for parents, teaching how to build a home environment, develop and take care of a child. Videos are recorded in San Diego, USA.

“We believe that good parental interventions are so important for increasing the likelihood that children have the opportunity to succeed when entering in adult life.”

The Aim
The goal is to provide simple and convenient service for parents around the world. In this way, parents will no longer need to waste time on an endless search for any relevant fragments of information. We strive, not only to give parents as much as possible advice and useful information, we want each useful tip to be brought into the real life, though.

Best Alternative
BABYSTEP.TV is the best alternative for boring and long lectures, webinars and tons of literature which the Internet and bookstores are crowded by. Our format is one video with one specific advice that is easy to implement in daily life. BABYSTEP.TV was created to be a trustful source of information related to the early development of the children, holding a combined preparation and leisure life. After watching our videos, parents can create a perfect environment in order to enable adaptation to the outside world for their children.

Why is it so unique?
Videos last for 1 minute only; each video gives parents 1 brilliant tip; Tips approved by experts; Based on their child's age; High quality video playlists.

By watching these short videos, parents will know what to do! adheres to the principle of maximum utility. That's why the videos are short. However, each clip is an integral part of a big knowledge puzzle, which it is offered to parents.

Certified specialists in the parenting field approved every tip parents will get! Methodist Irina Isaeva - script writer of movies and certified Montessori teacher; Jeanne-Marie Paynel - founder of Voila Montessori; Parenting coach and home consultant.

Parents will get suitable tips only for their child! Parents do not need to search whether the information is appropriate for their child's age or not. Their children will be growing and we will send parents videos according to their age.

Free Subscription for Teachers also offers free subscription for teachers including the entire course, as soon as confirmed the status of the teacher in their Education Center.

Current teacher involvement in the child's life is always solid and important, but requires more faithful implementation and new methods.

Teachers and administrators often lack training in how to engage parents; wants to help teachers with new everyday tips on how to deal with children.

BABYSTEP.TV was created to be a trustful source of information related to the early development of the children, holding a combined preparation and leisure life, giving teachers international & certified knowledge.

Get in Touch now
Ainar Abdrahmanov - CEO
tel.: +7(919)327-57-24
e-mail: [email protected]
skype: ainar.develop

For Partnership & Advertising Suggestions:
Chesman Serra - Head of Global Partnership
e-mail: [email protected]

Questions regarding to the website
Dmitriy Lezhnev - CTO
e-mail: [email protected]


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