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AUG 30, 2013 LISTEN
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It is sickening for NPP supporters to still claim victory when the obvious is indisputable. Clever supporters have virally bombarded the social media with stories of classic concession victory speech from their failed presidential candidate. Pooh! Is that what we want as NPP fans? Was the race about winning the election or giving classy concession speech? How difficult is it for us to condemn Nana Akuffo Addo's failure to deliver the victory speech? Without hesitation I echo my full disappointment against the leadership of NPP who connive to promote individuals with bogus line of thought and who continue to stigmatize the party with a notion that you have to be in queue to become the presidential candidate and you have to be an Akan to be the Presidential candidate, and a Northerner to be the Veep. How long shall we stand aside and look while the leadership slowly wreck our party?

I wouldn't take anything away from Nana Akuffo Addo's concession speech. Nonetheless, I wouldn't praise it either because within me he has failed the party miserably. The fact that people are hailing him for failing to lead us to victory makes me very worried. Why? It could mean they are preparing him for the 3rd time as the presidential candidate. After all, they can argue 3rd time is a charm and the mass will believe that, especially, when the late President Mills won on his 3rd attempt. Also, the fact that Nana Akuffo Addo declined to hit his supporters of his political retirement means he would use the coming days ahead to test the waters to see if he could make a comeback. And here is the worry, he will be elected if he makes a comeback. That is how backward my people are. They won't stop and make the analysis themselves. They always want to be told who the best candidate is, through well-choreographed and appetizing slogan such as Nana de3 Wo Ye One Time, Ye Fakye Nana, Nana Nim Nyansa, etc. Waaa look at that?

Please don't interpret my fume and honesty to mean hatred. Politics is not always an evil arena to suspect everyone that speaks emphatically as having devious motive. In my world, I view politics as a section in human needs that must be pursued with a pinch of salt. With that said, I ask Busia fans to elect leaders strategically. The idea that the aged are matured and wiser than anybody younger will continue to hinder NPP's chances of taking over political power. Even before the elections, and those of you who follow my opinionated articles will bear me out, I envisioned disaster for NPP. I logically and strategically poured out common sense reasons why NPP should kiss 2012 goodbye and prepare for 2016 with a more youthful leader (i.e. Alan Kyeremanteng, Dan Botwe, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, etc.). If readers care to know the reasoning behind that call then here is it: majority of our voters are women and unemployed youth that require a person they can connect to, they needed a leader that can reach out to them on their cell phones via twitter or FaceBook or instagram, and someone who appears really cool (humble). Unfortunately, President Mahama met all the expectations of Ghanaian voters and NPP's candidate didn't meet all.

At least, the NDC propaganda machineries crippled or dominated the minds of the youth with the idea that they were/are the youth party on FaceBook, using text messages, etc. Look at the people they elected to stand for MPs and/or to occupy certain positions? Baba Jamal, Anyidoho, Abrokwah, Boateng Agyenim, and so forth. NPP's team were the same old face, aged mid-late 60s with the exception of these two rebel youth occupying NPP's internal positions. What is happening to our party? Can't we see we are behind? How old was Bill Clinton when first elected to office, likewise George Bush or more recently Barack Obama? Tradition and prejudice are the root causes of NPP's downfall. Until we rectify these anomalies we can guarantee landslide victor for NDC come 2016. Let us not forget great policies don't win elections because if they did, NPP would have always won. It is simple, satisfy the people with what they want and then implement good policies when you ever get the chance. The reverse is a train wreck; and that is NPP's strategy ...nothing is better than free SHS!

In summary, I am calling for complete makeover of NPP leadership to include more youth. I am also calling on the leadership to embark on image cleaning exercise by diversifying our leadership with other tribes. I have warned that any attempt to impose candidates on the party because of age or fame will keep the party in opposition for a long time. Finally, I have said the best course of action vis-à-vis Nana Akkufo Addo's failure to bring us victory is to be quiet and mourn privately, rather than make him a hero because of his 'classy' concession speech. That speech, if praised too much, may harbour future leaders who would want to be in his position and deliver a super classy concession speech. Long Live NPP, Long Live Ghana.

Editor's Note:

WRITER'S NOTES: I always write with expectation that few will retaliate with insults rather than productive counter views. It is always obvious the kind of folks that hide behind the curtains to insult writers. Such people give me reason to write more because it tells me how far my people are brain-washed. Unfortunately, I read all comments so feel free to share your views of support or oppose.