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09.08.2013 Feature Article

Rejoinder: Why Do Ghanaians Assume All Black People Speak Twi

Rejoinder: Why Do Ghanaians Assume All Black People Speak Twi
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Why Do Ghanaians Assume All Black People Speak Twi
TopAfric(Hamburg) Ghana Online News, TV & Radio
Published on Sunday, 28 July 2013 14:35

Eti Sen? Whenever a Ghanaian here in Hamburg, Germany sees's a black person on the streets of Hamburg, they immediately start speaking to them in their native Ghana language called 'Twi'.

Why do most Ghanaians think that all black people they see here in Hamburg, Germany are also Ghanaians? We are asking this question so as to better understand and hopefully comprehend the main reason to this behaviour.

People of all races don't like to be generalised by either their own race or a different race. For example, not all black people can dance. So when people generalised that opinion that all black people can dance, some black people who cannot dance to a rhythm are offended.

It is no surprise that some non-Ghanaians get angry at Ghanaians who assume that they are Ghanaians or that they can speak Twi.

Whenever I as a Black person walk into an Afro-shop owned by a Ghanaian here in Hamburg, Germany, I am immediately greeted in Twi. And whenever a Ghanaian walks into any Afro-shop here in Hamburg, they immediately start speaking to the store attendant (a black person) in Twi.

Twi is a wonderful language and according to Wikipedia, it is estimated that 20 million people speak the language worldwide. This makes it a relatively less popular world language. So it would be impossible to make it an official language anywhere in the world.

However popular it might be in Ghana or amongst the Ghanaians, it should not be a reason for Ghanaians in Hamburg, Germany to assume that all Black people they see can speak the language.

TopAfic(Hamburg): We would love to hear your opinion on this matter.

Ricky Ross


REPLY TO: Why Do Ghanaians Assume All Black People Speak Twi?

FUCK You!, bloody Rasta guy, you can go to Hell! What at all should speak against it, if Ghanaians in Hamburg assume you are a Ghanaian, especially meeting you in a Ghanaian Afro Shop, in any other Afro Shop or even just meeting you on the street?

No matter where you are coming from, "so far as you are a black man you are an African", and being an African you can also come from Ghana, even though we have about 52 countries in Africa. It is therefore normal that a Ghanaian meeting you, especially in a Ghanaian Afro Shop may assume you are a Ghanaian, simply because it is an indisputable fact that the majority of the Black people (leaving) in Hamburg and its environs since ADAM & EVE are Ghanaians, but I think you this "quarter-raster" guy in particular seems to be (feeling better), pompous, too known, respect-less and a braggart.

After all what is very wrong about it, if a Ghanaian will talk to you in (Twi) Akan language if even you are a non-Akan speaking (Ghanaian or) black man? Will it not simply be polite and better to let the person know you do not understand him/her?

Do you feel better than the Ghanaian people in Hamburg or what after all makes you different from any other Black person. Should the Ghanaian people in Hamburg take you to be Bob Marley or Bob Jesus, just because of that your untidy "quarter-rasta" hair, who do you think you are, and where do you think you come from? Do you come from HEAVEN?


A proud black African from Ghana
FRANCIS TAWIAH (Duisburg - Germany)

Francis Tawiah
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