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Am Asking Because, Am African, English Is Not My Mother Tongue [PART 2]

Am Asking Because, Am African, English Is Not My Mother Tongue [PART 2]

There are traces of invisible use of power and methods of spiritual development as symbolized by rituals, gestures, and thoughts, which are practiced in the Church today, which the Church fathers hope followers would not try to understand.

For example, the Holy Communion, with wine and bread representing the blood and flesh of

Jesus respectively, is criminal (witchcraft) cannibalism, but the Church faithful prefer to deceive themselves. The administration of ashes to mark the sign of the cross on churchgoers' foreheads to usher the period of lent is senseless primitive witchcraft obsession with mortality.

The daylight human sacrifice of Luciano (Catholics prefer to call it the 'miracle' of fresh human flesh and blood), proves the true nature of the Communion host – the Eucharist.

Yahweh revels in blood sacrifices, including human, and in elaborate, archaic rituals. Yahweh supports human sacrifice. (Ex.22: 29 – 30), Ezek. 20: 26). Yahweh killed (Num.16: 35, 21:6; Deut. 32:39; 1Sam. 2:26; Psalm 135: 10.

Yahweh ordered killing (Lev.26: 7 –8: Num. 25; 4-5). He ordered cannibalism (Lev. 26: 29, Jer. 19: 9). Abraham sacrificed a ram to spare his son's life but his son was his God's original demand.

Christians claim they are not fetish and do not believe in reincarnation. During the Xmas holidays of 1999, Pope John Paul II had cause to go through a once in fifty years' witchcraft ritual. There is a room at the Golden Gate of St. Paul's Basilica at the Vatican, which is opened only briefly once every Jubilee year by the reigning Pope.

The room contains relics, including skeletons, skulls, bones, and ciphers of special ancestors, such as of the African original God Ausar (Osiris), his wife and sister Auset (Isis), and their Virgin Son, Heru (Horus).

Also in the room are other fetish symbols like ancient crosses, urns, robes, etc. Pope John Paul II was seen by television viewers worldwide knocking on the door to the room three times, (like (Yoruba) Ifa priests do before entering their shrines), before entering the room alone and closing the door behind him, obviously to try to collect mysterious powers from the skeletons, bones, and artifacts, in the room.

He emerged from the room a while later, with the door locked firmly for another fifty years. What is witchcraft but the worship of fetish objects, bones and idols?

Africans serve many Gods by offering sacrifices and prayers through such intermediaries, but what are Christians doing when they say Mass through a plethora of subordinate deities such as: St. Michael, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Jude, the Archangel, the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, etc?

Christians say they do not believe in ancestors, but what are their dead Saints and Jesus to them? Christians say they do not believe in reincarnation, but they are waiting endlessly for the return of their ancestor, Jesus. Some say he has come and gone again.

I am asking these questions because I am African and English is not my mother tongue

Christians wear medals, crosses, crucifixes, rosaries, and other objects of their religion as pendants; eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus in Holy Communion; wrap psalms in pouches, or scapular charms made from pieces of cloth, to carry about on their bodies or in their vehicles as talisman; sprinkle blood of Jesus all over the place, or drink it to ward off evil forces; put bibles under their pillows, and crosses on their walls, for protection; kneel before priests and 'fetishly' stuffed alters in supplication; retreat regularly for vigils to pray and chant endlessly, clutching rosaries, pendants, and other religious symbols, to their ancestors, (saints, Jesus, Yahweh etc); go on pilgrimages to their holy lands, to touch and kiss stones, walls, or worship rivers and mountains.

When African traditional faith followers, such as Sango, Yemoja and Amadioha adherents, do similar things for their deities, they are described as being fetish. Both are into base witchcraft rituals, the difference is that while one relies on artificial or man-made objects, (such as

bread, wine, and rosaries), the other uses natural elements, pleasing to, and recognized by the Gods and we all know who is more potent..

***Naiwu Osahon, Sage, renowned author, philosopher of science, the spiritual Prince of

the African race, mystique, leader of the world Pan-African Movement***

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