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On the 31st of May, 2012, I went on a business trip to Accra and wasn't done until 8:00pm. I then went to the Accra station to get a car for Keta (my place of residence) but couldn't get any. Later, I boarded a car which was going to Aflao via the road which snakes through Akatsi and its environs.

The journey went without any mishap until we reached Akatsi. Upon getting out of Akatsi and reaching a sparsely populated area (I'm not sure of the town or village's name), two of the tyres of our vehicle got flattened. How? Nobody had a hunch or an idea. We just had two flat tyres.

We all got down from the car and soon, the driver tried changing one of the tyres. Worried about us being stranded, I moved a little away from the group and stopped, then retraced my steps when I saw three or four unknown persons emerge out of the bushes flanking the road. They made toward me. I moved back to the vehicle and the group.

Before anybody could say, “run!” they were on us with guns and knives. They asked us to remain silent and lie down on the merciless ground. I hesitated.

Our unknown attackers didn't look all that much bulky and tough, and I fancied we could put up a fight and come out unscathed. But I didn't do anything. My fighting spirit got killed when two tough looking guys (also passengers onboard the vehicle) quickly lied on the floor in great fear. The others imitated them. I also did. Briefly, I thought they were going to shoot us and I wondered about death. Was this the end? Was this how Providence destined me to die? Was I going to die with all my talents?

Anyway, I personally do not believe in destiny; being a radical disciple of “cause and effect,” and “default-like-design.” And also believing in God, who sometimes intervene in human happenings and sometimes choose not to intervene for certain divine reasons.

Well, they didn't kill us.

They just searched our pockets and bags and took our monies and mobile phones. One lady on board lost her bag to them; containing a huge sum of money. I was happy when they didn't take away my file and bag. The file and bag contained a lot of extracts from my novels and other literary works in progress, and I value them more than mobile phones and money.

They then left us and we picked ourselves up.


Soon, a police patrol vehicle, which was sent when one of us who hid his phone called the police, came and took us to the Akatsi Police Station where we lodged our complaints and narrated the experience.

While inside the Police Station, I wasn't thinking about the robbery or my mobile phone or money but rather the effectiveness of our Police Force. They are doing their best but are heavily under-staffed. And if you see the place they were habiting?

I won't call it a police station but an architectural dinosaur. Peeling paints, a dirty charge room and an unprofessional-looking office was what I witnessed. And if I was a policeman I won't ever be motivated to discharge my duties well simply because the place where I am operating out of isn't fit to be called a workplace. It looked more like a dirt-dubbed, ghetto-like office.

Anyway, the Police were of much help, and I thank God for letting me/us live to see another day.

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