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30.04.2012 Press Release


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The Progressive People's Party wishes all workers in our country Ghana a happy, restful May Day this year. We know that the going has been tough, the working conditions rough and the reward not what is desired. But as we all have ourselves and our families to take care of we need to work. Many have worked hard. Many of our employers have also kept faith with us. It is a few who give work a bad name that we must all be wary of. As the nation's gross domestic product is reported to have grown significantly, the credit must go to the Ghanaian worker. Even as more and more infrastructure projects are awarded to foreign contractors, it is still the ordinary Ghanaian who provides the hard labour. To the ordinary Ghanaian worker, we say, well done!

We are also aware that despite the protestations of some politicians, there is a huge army of unemployed Ghanaians among whom are unemployed graduates from our tertiary institutions. We all know that over 1.5 million students failed their BECE examinations over the past ten years majority of whom have joined the class of unemployed people. They do not know the joy and satisfaction that comes from profiting from the sweat of your labour. We wish to respectfully ask, “Where are the jobs?” The current NDC administration led by President Mills has on a number of occasions reported the creation of over 1 million jobs in the country.

We are pleased to inform all Ghanaians that the PPP is committed to facilitating the creation of well-paying and meaningful jobs in our own country. It is the only way that we can assure ourselves of a peaceful stable and prosperous country. We will do this through incorruptible leadership, using the best people we have as a nation and committing the purchasing power of the state to create a market for our private sector.

Ghanaians have a choice in this election. The best alternative to what we have experienced in this Fourth Republic is the Progressive People's Party and our Flagbearer Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom. All workers in Ghana know Dr. Nduom as “Edwumawura”

We wish all Ghanaian workers ayekoo!

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