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20.03.2009 Feature Article

President Mills already feeling the heat?

This is clearly unacceptable on the part of the president, his spokesperson and communications director, why should they feel insecure that the good people of Ghana gave Nana Akufo-Addo a rousing welcome-back-home reception at the airport on?

Mills and his cronies does not have shame, even during the general elections, they accused NPP activists and sympathizers of being offered money to follow the Nana Addo and the NPP around like a 'dog and his master' and yet even in defeat we still follow him, I would be glad to know what they are thinking now whether they think we are still being offered money to follow Nana Addo even in defeat.

Of course this madness has gone on for far too long, and what is wrong if the Minority Members in Parliament thought, that the president has deceived Ghanaians with 'father for all message'? Mills feeling the hot already? If Mills is already feeling the heat just after little over 50 days in office as president of Ghana, then indeed he is in for a good show and has the Rawlings 'unnecessary raving and ranting' factor to deal with. Mills does not need to talk like a president for us to believe he is his own man; he is nothing but a 'remote control' in the hands of Rawlings. Rawlings backs and he Atta acts.

I thought I was one of the few discerning Ghanaians who thought Mills' barking that “There is no other government in this country. There is no other president in this country… where you have people arrogate to themselves certain rights. Where people threaten that they are going to advise themselves and take the law into their own hands, I Atta Mills will not allow this to happen. “I respect civility and politeness and I believe that people have taken my respect for peaceful co-existence as weakness, timidity and inability to act,” was obviously unacceptable, very unnecessary, and a voice of a nervous and an incompetent man behaving like a baby who has just been refused break milk, consequently resorting to shredding tears to attract some attention and favour.

The UD$ is busily trashing the GH¢ mercilessly as inflation has moved to a whooping 20.3%, but what can Atta Mills and his cronies do, confiscate KVIP's? They should be thinking of finding ways to deal with this unfortunate trend than singing dirges. I thought KSM is the most guy in Ghana but President Mills is gradually pilfering that title. From Axim to Zebilla, NPP activists and sympathizers are being attacked and beaten till this very day just because they are not NDC, I had an encounter during the run off elections as NPP polling agent, after voting and ballot papers being counted, those NDC thugs nearly attacked me just because a stupid voter voted for Atta Mills alright but used the index finger which was dipped into the ink to vote for Nana Addo, which automatically becomes an invalid or rejected as the rules for the game spelt out boldly but those rogues as NDC polling agents believes in another thing all together as if they were from Mars but I obeyed the rules and didn't allow them to go away with it, since I believe every single ballot paper was equally important and that place nearly turned into a boxing ring had it not been for the timely intervention of the security men.

If Mills is uneasy because of a mere rousing welcome, then he should get ready to pee in his pants all the way to 2012.

We relinquished power to these thieves and they think they can bluff us but can somebody please tell Atta, that 4 years is not forever.

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Ebenezer Anangfio
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