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18.03.2009 Politics

Campaign boards still remain on the streets after elections

By Naa Betty Nelson - Ghanaian Chronicle

It's been three months now since the 2008 elections ended, and it seems the authorities in charge of the erection of the bill boards till date have done nothing about the political campaign bill boards.

Even more worrying is the fact that they have allowed congratulatory messages on bill boards to be added to the old ones which they are yet to remove.

But it seems the appropriate authorities have relaxed and till now have taken no action or done nothing about the situation. This has become a mess along the streets since the messages on the bill boards have outlived their usefulness.

When the elections are over and a President is elected, all the things and activities that are supposed to have been used during the campaign must also be suspended or done away with. But up to date, pictures and bill boards used during the campaign still have space on the streets of Accra.

It is interesting to note that some of the pictures displayed on the boards have been destroyed, leaving the metal stands which reduces the beauty of our roads and streets and an eye sore to people.

But it seems that the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has done nothing about the situation. Accra file got to know that, it is the AMA who gives permit to the advertising agencies, after which they look on unconcerned as if it is no longer their business.

The Accra file suggests that the AMA should give a maximum period when the bill boards should be removed, especially with the campaign boards.