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26.11.2008 Elections

METEASE OO, ME NWUI OO… Prof. Mills shows his jowls to people of B/A

By Micael Boateng, Sunyani - Ghanaian Chronicle
METEASE OO, ME NWUI OO… Prof. Mills shows his jowls to people of B/A

Professor John Evans Atta Mills, presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has introduced himself to the people of the Brong-Ahafo Region, during a regional rally held at the Victoria Park in Sunyani.

Prof. Mills told the crowd that he was alive and healthy, and not dead as was being speculated by some political adversaries, who had resorted to lies to kill the faith of NDC supporters.

He said it was unfortunate for him to have distanced himself from the Brong-Ahafo Region throughout the political campaign period, but it was not too late to work assiduously to wrestle power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the region.

“I'm alive and healthy, not dead, but please forgive me for not visiting you all this while, it is part of the campaign, I have been busy with other regions, but thank God I'm here with you, very healthy, and I hope to come again before the elections,” he said.

The NDC candidate appealed to the supporters to have faith, and rally effectively behind the party in this year's general elections, because Ghanaians were fed up with the NPP and their harsh economic policies, which were unfavorable.

According to him, Ghanaians were not ready to move forward with governance of cocaine, deceits, and corruption, but ready for a change of prosperity in a genuine and transparent manner.

He asked the source of the NPP's money: “Where is the NPP money coming from, are human beings suddenly giving birth to money or what?” stressing the people of Ghana needed to investigate the source of their money being splashed all over.

According to the NDC presidential candidate, he would personally lead the crusade against corruption in the country, and submit himself to the authorised agencies for thorough screening to set as an example, and would not shield anybody caught in the web of corruption in his government.

“Atta Mills and the NDC government would create avenues for skills training for the youth and women in the country, and support them with capital to improve the private sector of the economy, so that they would not engage in drug businesses,” he reiterated.

He promised to establish a fully-fledged University of Natural Resources in Sunyani, when the NDC wins back power, as well as modernise agriculture with supplementary support like machines, farm inputs and funds.

Prof. Mills disclosed that the NPP government was not interested in supporting and improving the agriculture sector, because they were the major importers of goods, which could be produced locally by the local entrepreneurs.

Again, he lambasted President Kufour's government for disrespecting teachers, and neglecting them to wallow in their numerous plights, ranging from poor conditions of service and lack of incentives. He said the next NDC government would improve conditions in the teching profession, to make it more attractive for people to rush into it.

Prof. Mills called on Ghanaians, not to make a mistake and retain the NPP, since Ghana could not move forward with a crop of leaders who are not honest, truthful and apathetic to the plights of the people.