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14.11.2008 Elections

Ignore NDC threats

By The Statesman

The NPP parliamentary candidate for the New Juaben South constituency, Beatrice Bernice Boateng, on Sunday urged Ghanaians to ignore the NDC threat that the country would be set ablaze if the election results do not favour them and vote the NPP back to power to continue its good work.

She recalled that a similar threat was issued when PNDC was moving from the military rule to a civilian in 1992, using the name 'NDC'.

That time, Madame Boateng said, Ghanaians were living in fear, and were cowed to submission. 

Addressing a rally at Adweso in Zone Two of the New Juaben South Constituency, Madame Boateng said Ghanaians must read between the lines and vote according to their own consciences. 

According to Mme Boateng, the NDC"s defeat is clear, hence their use of communist inferior tactics.

She said now that Ghanaians have regained their freedom from the shackles of the PNDC/NDC rule they should feel free to vote for a party of their choice, preferably the NPP.

Mme Boateng said the NDC is playing a defeatist game, referring to the lies the party has adopted in recent times to discredit the NPP.  But she said Ghanaians are now wide awake and cannot be deceived again. 

 Mme Boateng recalled that the NPP took office when the national coffers were empty; leaving a Gross Domestic Product that could last for only two weeks. Under prudent economic management, she said, the government has been able to sail through. 

She said it is because of the good economic policies coupled with good management that God has revealed oil to Ghana to be managed by a government led by Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP.

  She said she was seeking power to continue the work of outgoing MP Yaw Barima and make New Juaben the pride of the East and the nation.

The New Juaben South Constituency chairman, Henry Okyere Boakye, urged Ghanaians to give thanks to President Kufuor and his NPP government for the numerous projects executed within their eight years in office and the freedom they are enjoying. 

Under the NPP administration, he said all the atrocities meted out to Ghanaians have ended and people now go to court to seek redress. 

Mr Boakye compared the inflation rate recorded under the NDC government and that of the NPP government and urged Ghanaians to make an informed choice on December 7. 

He said the lending rate has reduced drastically, stating that it has made it possible for businesses to work and make profit, stressing that it is all due to good economic polices pursued by the NPP government. 

He accused the NDC of neglecting the Koforidua Municipality because it was perceived as an NPP strong hold. 

An NPP youth activist, Samuel Awuku, also urged the NDC to stop blaming the NPP government for the armed robbery menace, asking whether they were able to retrieve the guns they put in the hands of the People's Defence Committees Workers Defence Committees and the Veranda Boys and Girls before they left office in the year 2000.