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18.06.2008 Politics

Abolish Common Fund-MP

By Daily Guide
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MOHAMED Mubarak Muntaka, Member of Parliament (MP) for Asawase Constituency has caused a stir calling for the cancellation of the MPs' Common Fund which he said was meagre and causing undue enmity between MPs and their constituents.

“It would be the best of decisions if the MPs' Common Fund is annulled because the money is not enough to enable the MP to carry out any significant development project in his constituency.

“The whole year we receive around GH¢20,000 which is woefully not enough to be used to initiate any meaningful project for just one community, let alone the whole constituency.

“But pathetically the constituents, who are not aware of this, think we have been receiving huge sums of monies and this is gradually creating unnecessary enmity and hatred between MPs and their constituents.

“To me, if the money cannot be increased to around GH¢100,000 then they better stop giving the Common Fund to us to enable us get our peace and save us from the undue hatred and troubles being meted out to us by our people.”

Hon. Muntaka made the shocking disclosure while speaking on Angel FM's programme, 'The Platform', hosted by Kwadwo Marfo.

The Asawase MP indicated that he would not hesitate to vote for the annulment of the Common Fund if the matter was brought to the floor of the august House. “I will be the first person to vote for the cancellation of the Common Fund,” he stated.

He explained that the Common Fund, as small as it is, was meant purposely for short term interventions and not to initiate significant development projects as the constituents tend to believe.

He emphasised that it would be a terrible mistake for any individual to blame his MP for not carrying out developmental projects in his area, explaining “MPs only lobby for developmental projects for their area but its execution is the duty of the local assembly”.

Lobbying for developmental projects for their respective constituencies, enactment of laws and overseeing budgetary allocations by the executive, according to Hon. Muntaka, are the basic functions of MPs.

 The Asawase MP as well suggested the creation of offices for MPs in their localities to enable them effectively monitor, research and investigate issues concerning the welfare of their constituents.

From Fred J.A. Ibrahim Jnr, Kumasi

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