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17.03.2008 NDC News

NDC chairman runs away from PNDC record

By The Statesman
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The intolerant nature of officials of the National Democratic Congress was on full display last Saturday when the Ashanti Regional First Vice Chairman of the party, Alhaji Mohammed Sannie went on rampage on a local radio station in Kumasi and questioned the mental state of panellists on a live programme being hosted by the station.

Alhaji Sannie, who had taken offense at an attempt by one of the panellists, Owusu Afriyie, alias Sir John, to link the NDC to the PNDC regime asked whether the former was "going crazy" and went into tantrums compelling the host of the programme to suspend the programme because of the ensuing confusion that was created by the insulting behaviour of Alhaji Sannie.

The NDC First Vice Chairman, despite several interventions by the host and other officials of the radio station, Hello FM, refused to apologise for his conduct and subsequently stormed out of the station threatening fire and brimstone.

When the programme resumed, the host Kwabena Bobbie Ansah informed listeners that the NDC chairman had walked out of the studio.

Owusu Afriyie, the victim of Alhaji Sannie's verbal assault explained that once the NDC takes credit for the positive achievements of the P/NDC regime it also has to take responsibility for the excesses and shortcomings of the regime.

He said the achievements of the PNDC/NDC regimes will fade in comparison to what the Kufuor-led NPP administration has been able to achieve in last seven years.

According to Sir John, Ghanaians would definitely vote for the NPP presidential candidate, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo and return the NPP to power for them to continue with its good works.

Owusu Afriyie assured that the NPP campaign would be devoid of insults and falsehood and challenged all parties to do same.

By Joe Lartey

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