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No waiting list…Dan tells colleague aspirants

By Accra Mail
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One of the contenders for the NPP presidential slot, Mr. Dan Kweku Botwe has described as baseless the position of some aspirants that they have waited a long time and it is now their turn to lead the party.

“In this leadership election,” he said, “it will no longer be adequate to talk about who has waited longest, but it will be about who will serve hardest and best.”

Addressing the media after he has filed his nomination forms at the party's headquarters in Accra yesterday, Mr. Botwe also dismissed the issue of who is the oldest or youngest for the post.

He appealed to delegates to consider the one who has experienced the issues of the ordinary party members and Ghanaians at large and one who could serve their aspirations in the best interest.

He also advised delegates to be mindful of voting for candidates who would bring a “remote party leadership”.

The former Minister of Information and twice party general secretary said the party needs a person like him who is of “strong integrity, character and a leadership style our political foes cannot profit by mudslinging”.

He said his candidacy is based on the conviction that, the country under a strong committed and visionary leadership would be able to deliver security, prosperity, health, educational opportunities and economic wellbeing as expected by the people.

Referring to his service to the party and the nation at large, Mr. Botwe described himself as the “proven political leader”. For the electorate, he said, “My programme will be their programme. My government will be their government.”

Mr. Botwe said if he is given the nod, he is prepared to give “eight years” of hard work. He has therefore asked all hard working Ghanaians to be ready for his presidency of hard work.

He said he will harness the national resources and human resources of the country for accelerated development.

He debunked the allegation that he and the president are not on good terms. He said the president as well as distinguished Ghanaians like Kofi Annan would be part of his government and would be consulted on different policy issues.

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