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24.03.2007 Feature Article


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At long last, the chickens have come home to roost. The masks have been unveiled and the crook faces behind the scheming and machinations behind the popular and infamous talk show programme on Radio Gold “Alhaji and Alhaji” have been brought to the open.

It is now clear from the outbursts and confession of Alhaji Bature that the programme was indeed a pseudo NDC platform. Have you noticed that most often than not, the panelists on the show are of the same breed? You can appreciate this better when you observe how they embark on their one dimensional analysis of issues.

You notice that the text messages read on the programme tow the same line? Who do you think sends them? Have you ever heard a text you've sent ever been read on the show? I can stick my neck out that they are written in advance. Have you observed the astonishing revelation that the insulting and sometimes libellous text messages are published in the “Insight” from every Monday to Wednesday on page 7?

Information trickling in from the Alhaji Bature confessions has it that the regular panelists (Raymond Archer, Kwesi Pratt, Dr Tony Aidoo) who have hijacked the programme, circulate text messages among themselves to resist any attempt to invite a voice of reason (specific mentions were made of Kweku Baako, Alfred Ogbami and Egbert Faibille) unto the show on the frivolous grounds that the individual is a national security implant. Mr Baffoe Bonney, the General Manager of the station, has been challenged to come out and dispute this or otherwise.

On a programme where pure venom, lies, malice and populism was made the order of the day, where objectivity, reason and political and intellectual tolerance was regulated to the dogs, it is only heart-warming to hear that one of the schemers is finally bowing out. I anticipate more betrayals. Let lovers of democracy, however, not be too overjoyed at this because a leopard can never change its spots. Until something remarkable happen in that direction, let's keep our fingers crossed.

I know that there is much more to happen. A great conflagration, it is said, is always caused by a trifle. The can of worms has been opened. The battle lines have been drawn. The only people who profess to be the epitome and repository all knowledge and objectivity have been fingered to be nation wreckers and prophets of doom. It smacks of double standards when those who portend to be agitators for free and frank expression and media pluralism will go to whatever extent possible to deny others of a platform to air their opinions. Is it that they feel irrelevant and unnoticeable be the sound and coherent arguments put forward by the voices of reason? Their cup is full and let them bow their heads in shame, for they have been exposed. As the Bible said “by their fruits, they shall be known.”

To put it more succinctly, let me quote Egbert Faibille “the truth, like a bag of grain, will always stand,” whiles falsehood, like a half bag of sand, will crumble and fall. Political tolerance for dissenting views is very crucial in our forward march as a nation.”

Could this be signs of the times for the NDC? Tune in for more.

Stay blessed.



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