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07.02.2008 Feature Article



In a classic drama reminiscent of what happened in South Korea and Sri Lanka some time past, the cocoa shop of the Ghanaian Parliament was nearly on fire when members of the opposition NDC nearly traded blows at each other. The crime – that a vocal and honest MP on the minority side, Hon. Michael Teye Nyaunu, did the unthinkable as far as the history and tradition of his party is concerned, by admitting openly that the NDC flagbearer, Prof. Atta Mills is indeed sick and that his position as the flagbearer of the party should be given a second look.

Among others, the NDC MP for Lower Manya, Hon. Nyaunu claimed that Prof Mills was not healthy enough to cope with the rigours and stress of the intense campaign ahead of them. “Mills has all the positive attributes but unfortunately he is not well...., and I sincerely believe that we should call an emergency congress and look for somebody who can withstand the pressure in December. We are going into this election as a wounded tiger".

The insults and vituperations that have followed these candid and harmless remarks have been rather unfortunate. Some, like Korku Anyidoho, have attempted to denigrate the Hon. MP by saying that they have not even heard him speak in Parliament before and it is sad that when he chose to speak, this is what came from him. Oh what pettiness!!!

According to some NDC stalwarts, the honest admissions of the NDC MP is part of well orchestrated moves by some anti-Mills Mafia "from within the NDC" to scuttle the ambitions of the Prof. According to one newspaper report "There are some big, big, big fishes behind this and Hon. Nyaunu has only exposed himself. At the right time, the names of the rest will be out".

Strange!!! So now it is no more some supposed pro-government newspapers and detractors of the NDC who are peddling falsehoods. Now we are been told that it is some group of competing interests within the party that is behind these? Wonders, they say, will never end.

Inasmuch as health issues of individuals should not be made a matter of public discourse and used as benchmarks to determine people's ability to lead, if the disease is a serious one, and especially when it involves a public figure, it cannot be simply overlooked. If health is of no essence, is it not injury, and for that matter health grounds that has reduced the skipper of the Black Stars to a mere spectator?

The NDC can do itself a lot of good by coming public with the report of the medicals the Prof. underwent in South Africa as it will in a way allay the fears of those who think that the NDC might be causing financial loss to the state by presenting us with a candidate who they think can force us to early elections should he strangely emerge victorious.

The NDC can behave like ostriches and be hypocritical about their internal problems, as is characteristic of them. They should however be mindful of the fact that their ghost will come to haunt them if they don't take the bull by the horns and confront the reality now.



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